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Book Review: God is Banker by Ravi Subramanian

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I came cross a very interesting book written by Ravi Subramanian when I was out with 'Natkat' friend of mine .When we  both  were going towards the temple and this idiotic friend just jumped in Joy  when he got to know that Ravi Subramanian has launched another book  by the name 'God is a Banker'  .He knew my tastes very well but he didn't say anything at that time

But After Few days while we both hanging around coffee shop  he just asked me one question "Do you like Thriller  books"

'No' I sternly say  and immediately get up to leave the coffee shop ,instead he pulls me down and says to me that 'just  go through book and then let me know please its a humble request'
His eyes were pleading me ,I didn't  have the heart to   let him down especially when he was making such a plea so I said Ok and took the book from him so that conservation on this 'Topic' would be over

Later on after few days I out of Curiosity I started Reading the book God is Gamer by Ravi Subramanian  . What should I tell Y'all about the book


The book  revolves around the world of Gaming  and banking where Money means nothing ,martyrs are Villains and predators are prey .The book moves from Washington Dc to Mumbai
Its very interesting read ,The book also revovles around the main like
What happen when Malvika dies a mysteriously   and   assassinations of the prominent figure takes place under mysterious circumstance

Welcome to the bit coin  world .What  happens when  you come across ,a gamer , banker ,political and terrorist with virtual money 

My take

This is my first Ravi Subramanian 's  book . But when I started reading the book  I Couldn't put it  down as the book contains a lot suspense in it .

Ravi Subramanian Style of writing is great .Superb flare of language .

Only few authors will have knack of putting their banking knowledge with Gaming in a  novel which is a great thing & which Ravi Subramanian does it with ease  so that even the lay man can understand the other side of these people

But I don't like the way the Author portrays a women character by giving totally Grey shade in all his works .

About the Author

Ravi Subramanian is an alumnus IIM Bangalore  .His spent nearly two decades working up and walking the ladder of success in amazing and exciting world of global banking His books 

has won many awards like IF GOD WAS A BANKER  had won Gold Quill Reader Choice Awards,THE INCREDIBLE BANKER had won The Economist Crossword book Award in 2012and THE BANKSTER had won the crossword books Award in 2013 

He lives with his wife and daughter in Mumbai .His Daughter Anusha Subramanian is also an author
with her first book 'Heirs of Catriona'
You can stalk him  at

Facebook ,Goodreads , Twitter and His Websites

His books are available both in paperback as well as  eBook forms now at discount rate  in, Homshop 18,Penguin books

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