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Book Review : Twelve Hours of Temptation by Shoma Narayanan

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First I would like to tell Y'all that Harlequin India is going a great job of promoting Young Aspiring Authors. Its really  great thing .Hats off Harlequin India  and other publishing houses for taking up such an initiative and helping us  to read  their  great work as well as  reviewing it so that they can be encouraged to bring about change in people's  thinking and their lifestyles . As we all now "Pen is mightier than Sword ".Not only that but also Due to technologically advancement people have stopped reading books (paperback )so to rekindle their friendship with books  some-author have started Penning their thoughts and some of stories are awesomely written  that you will be forced to read and write comments on their blog or in their Facebook page  regarding their work

One of the Author is Shoma Narayanan  she is banker -writer .Her stories are nice to read .

Twelve hours of Temptation is her Fifth book with Harlequin India

                              About the Story :

Being chained to her desk is not how copy writer Mellisa D'cruz imagine of spending her night before her major award ceremony . There was no Cinderella moments for this award nominee -----instead she is facing deadlines for her current ad.But then she is determined to go to the event.... she just has work out how ......

Mellisa 's New boss Samir Razdan  catches her burning the midnight oil and offers to drive her to Goa himself .But the minute they off for Goa Samir know that he 's in trouble-- because being this close to Mellisa is already driving him crazy and they have got torturous hours of temptations ahead 

                                 My Views:

Shoma Narayanan 's books gives you a joy of reading , as her stories are sweet and nice  .

First a fall  I like the Cover Photos of all the editions .

I like story line very much as its set in Goa and Mumbai (the place  I eternally love)The characters are crafted very NICELY .Importance is given to each and every character Like Brain ,Liz etc .....

I loved  Mellisa's and Samir 's character the most because they are total different personalities who fall in love with each .How they are unique  you will get to know only after you read the book  .

The dialogues between the two of them were 'Maazedaar' .The emotions of all the characters are carefully described .The places and situations which they put in are very well written

The Author I feel has completed the book in haste so in some places some  will find it difficult  to accept it For eg :  Immediately after Visiting Goa they living in together .Which I couldn't get the hold of it as how someone who barely know each other could live in  .But over all I found the book Entertaining .

The Book club photo
I would give 5stars rating for this book .

Recommended READ .

You can follow Shoma Narayanan on her,   Facebook page and on

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