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Book Review : Trouble has a new name by Adite Banerjie

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Long back I brought a book Trouble has a new name written by Adite Banerjie as I was impressed with her first book The Indian Tycoon Marriage Deal.

The book  wanted to get  reviewed by me  since a very long  time and was staring at me with such looks that scared me .

So in order to quieten the book 's anger I am reviewing it here .

 Trouble has a new name by Adite Banerjie is a wonderful book .It is second book written by her .

                                        About the story :

Recently single model Rayna Dutt does not feel like flying down to her best friend wedding ---The big fat Indian Wedding .But she goes and when a mix up with her room happens and she is forced to share a luxuries Villa  on Emerald Island owned by gorgeous Neel Arora --the best man at the wedding .Things start looking up.
Until Rayna's ex turns up with the new girl on his arms.
hitting the panic button she finds out a solution and approaches Neel .Surely Neel wouldn't mind being her fake fiance .....?. Instantly they are  attracted to each other fire between the two raises but  when scandal comes calling RAYNA .She soon finds herself in more trouble  .

                                  My take :


Adite has written the BOOK in very impressive way  . I was bowled  over by her writings since her very first book release .Though the plot is simple and sweet  she has managed to narrate the story so well that she is able to pull or attract her audience very easily like piped piper  .The emotions of all the characters have  been captured very well .The character like Neel and Rayna have been crafted with perfect authenticity. I like the both Neel and Rayna as their unique in the own with some flaws like Rayna and her book of Immutable law's which she of course throws it in the sea at the end when Neel proposes her . I like the way in which she asks him to pretend to be her fiance for a few days.

I like  her description  of all places and beaches .

Hats off to you Adite  for holding the readers attentions and for pulling  more and more readers towards you through your books .Your work is Adorable

Happy New year Author  Adite Banerjie . Hope to see more of  your works in 2015

                             About the Author:


Adite Bangerjie is Writer and WAS a business journalist for more than fifteen year .She lives in Noida  with her writer husband and her mother .
She found time  FOR  her passion and so she entered Mills and Boons India contest in 2012
and emerged as a winner of the Passion Contest and from there No looking back for her .
She can be staked @ Facebook .com, ,Blog and her Website :
Her books are available  at discounted rates in the following websites
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