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His Captive Indian Princess by Tanu Jain

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Today I got the opportunity  to review a very good book after so many months  .This book was staring at me annoyed as I didn't pick the  book  first .....  .But finally today I decided to review the book and make it fell happy and loved by you all .

So Lets Starting Reviewing the book His Captive Indian Princess  written by Tanu Jain 

His Captive  Indian Princess is written by very brilliant Author  Tanu Jain

                          The Story is about:

Banished  from her dynastic family home by her grandmother ,Gauri Rao has lived under the weight of Scandal .But now her past has come to find her shape of deliciously handsome Vikram Singh 

With Rao family in tatters .Vikram has promised Gauri father that he he will track his daughter and bring her home ----at all cost .Yet this naive girl who ran away has blossomed into an independent


Vikram is not used to 'no' for an answer ...... has he finally found his match 

                              My views:

The Author has written the book very well .She has essayed the character with such a ease that you can't keep the book down  until you have finished reading it  .Its the best part of this Author as she indirectly forces you to read her story    .The pace of story is 'OK'. The storyline  is quiet simple  the characters are very well designed  .The Scenes are very well visualized  and written in such a way that you can identify yourself with the characters  .I liked Vikram 's and Gauri 's Characters and their arguments  which they on each and every topic  .The Author has very well crafted  the dialogues  between the main characters
and supporting characters.The dialogues are Sweet and Crisp 

Over all I can say that The Author is like Piped Piper who mesmerizes   us with her  beautiful    story that makes you lost in wonder land  with the characters   and  that make you feel happy and elated   .

Highly Recommended

                              About the Author :

Tanu Jain  interests are wide-ranging. Too wide, she feels at times. She has a doctorate in English literature and occasionally teaches English language and literature. Her other interests include spirituality and reading tarot cards and counseling people. The past couple of years have also ignited an interest in religious scriptures, and Tanu has published a book of Jain short stories for children. She has a hectically busy schedule but plays badminton religiously with a close-knit group of girlfriends, which keeps her mentally and physically fit.
She currently lives in Gwalior, India, with her businessman husband

To know more about her :  Blog | Facebook | Goodreads  

This book is available in Flipkart .com , Amazon.IN, Harlequin India.com and other eCommerce website 

That all for today. See Y'all  later with  an interesting book review   

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