Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Review of the Film : On a Quest

Hi Y'all 
Good Morning 
Today  I woke up with a call from my friend   who like a  little kid  excitedly  spoke about reviews which  The Quest Film by Chinmaya creation is getting 

It took me a great effort to calm that dude   (a gem of person  )to  bring him back to normalcy  .After a while  he said Kokila "just check  Chinmaya Mission Delhi page & check what swami Nikhilananda has to say " . Its feels great yaar  to be associated with such a wonderful mission.

'I know' I say irritated   .
Chalo then bye I will check the page and cut the call and after doing all my household chorus I log myself  on Facebook and check the Page  to my utter shock I  can't believe what Swami Nikhilananda said 

        So I thought of sharing the Review with Y'all


I  hope Y'all might have enjoyed it and might have  no words to  express like me as I too was lost in his (Gurudev) thoughts  .My only regret in the life is I couldn't  meet once like others did 

With Warms Hugs and Love

Writer Gal

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