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Take One On Arranged Marriage an awesome read

Y'all. Happy Sunday  .Hope you all are enjoying   your Sunday to the fullest so that you all will be charged  to face your Monday Blues with a lot of 'Josh ' and confidence .

Hey Guys I am back with a book review . The Author is a banker and very  good writer .Her books are globally sold she is recognized as ' Global Best Selling Indian Author'.

I hope that I get a chance to interview her once . As I am huge fan of hers .So for time being I am consoling my heart by writing an book review of one of her books  .

Let start the Review of her Second book .

                          Take one on Arranged  Marriage

The story goes like this When Tara Sundaram learns that her father has found her the perfect husband she is not convinced.She may be from  traditional   Indian family but she is far from conventional ....Perhaps she should check out her future husband in secret -just in case.......

but Bumping into Vikram Krishnan 33years six feet all of deliciousness .Tara knows that her blushes betray her outward coolness.May be marriage to Vikram  will have its perks ... but  before she  says 'Yes'   she have few little rules for her husband -to -be  .

Only she hasn't counted on Vikram being just keen to throw out the rulebook as she is..!

                                    My Views

Author Shoma Narayanan has proved  herself as a winner for  the  second time around with this book 

This books take me back to my best friend wedding  which I  had attended long back 

The USP of this book is its simplicity  . The plot is simple .
Shoma has weaved all her characters very well .Each character 's emotions are very well  described in detail that makes  you relate with character  for example Tara character  her arguments with her father , her desires  ,her feelings for Vikram  etc....I can relate with this character

The dialogues are Simple  and sweet .The style of writing is fantastic

Shoma Narayanan my favorite Author  thank you  for giving us  joy of reading your books

Highly recommended to all single who will be hitched this wedding season  ,to all the married focks  and to love birds who are deeply in love with each other 

Book source : Brought 

Publisher  : Harlequin India 

Available on : , , Harlequin .com,Homeshop18,crossroads book stores etc....


    With lot of warm   


  Writer Gal

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