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A Short Story on Sacrifice and Gratitude for Write Tribe Festival Word #4

Rishi and Rimy are best friends, they have their own set of dreams and their parents want to leave the building which breaks their friendship.
Today Rishi is a great cricket and Rimy a great stage artist .One day their parents decide to get them engaged they do not wish to get entangled in a relationship as they have their own set of egos.

One day out of anticipation a little boy comes towards Rishi and asks " Uncle what is the time", 9 o clock Rishi responds The little boy runs towards his and his best friend Apsara's hand by making her walk properly Apsara a 2 year old girl had some problem but no one knew about it as the little boy treat her like a normal girl and plays with her like a normal kid and dreams with her like a true friend without discouraging her.

Seeing this slight Rishi's eyes fills up with tears and is speechless as he being alright could not understand Rimy and vice versa.
But out of the blue one day Rishi asks the boy his name "What is your name child" Mannan comes a prompt response  as he see Apsara is building castle with him, what does your family do? Rishi enquires. Looking at him Mannan says 'Go and ask them no?' and you why are creating diversion Rimy? He shouts at her with a mild irritation. Feeling awkward he gets up and goes to find 'Who is his mother'. After searching for the person he finally spots her. Suddenly seeing the person he feels 200 waltz shocks. It is none other than his ex childhood girl friend Shreya who used to come to his dressing room and ask for an autograph just for her friend sake and one day while she asks for autograph he gets angry .He punishes her by having sex with her as he had been driven by passionate which resulted this .Shreya why you did tell me about the child........sorry my child after I had punished you with my passionate kisses? Rishi questions her.

Shreya looks   far away from him and says "Because you do not respect any simple and special women's feelings" and calls out for Mannan and Apsara.
After her parents convince her , Rimy gets ready for the engagement with Rishi but Rishi on contrary does not get ready for it as his mind is filled with only one thought that how unjust he has been towards Shreya ?.Err Rimy......I am going to cancel this engagement as I am ready for this. It is because of that Mannan right Rimy shouts at him.
'Yes 'Rishi says and makes a statement that Mannan is my son and if anybody tries to harm him. I will surely take care of him in my style, hearing this everyone is in state of shock .Mannan and Apsara's friendship grows up with time.
Mannan becomes a star Indian cricketer and with his backing Apsara becomes a super model from a darpok Bhili. The season, waves and life changes for both. Suddenly people start accusing Mannan's batting life up and that forces him leave Indian cricket forever which he does happily and takes up teaching which he has been longing to do. Apsara eventually gives up modelling when she does not get his glimpse .Slowly she also quiets modelling career and join Mannan's bandwagon.

  He hears this news. Rishi laughs at her and says "Childhood is the best part of our life "and our Mannan has taught the true meaning of sacrifice in the real sense thus saying so he turns his head towards Shreya and kisses her forehead .Hugging her he expresses his gratitude towards Shreya for being patient with him and life and starts playing with his grandchild Padma who comes along with her grandma while they enjoy the victory of Mannan's life.

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  1. I found this a bit hard to follow, but I understand the desire to express gratitude. Keep writing. The more you do, the better you'll get.

    1. Thank you Francene:-).
      Have a nice day .
      Hugs <3

  2. Could feel the emotions underneath. Please change the bright green color of the text in the post. It makes reading difficult. Well it's suggestion :) good day

    1. Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to read my story and share your thoughts on it.Well !I have changed the colour of the font from bright green to fushia .I guess now you read it with ease.
      Have a great weekend .
      Hugs <3

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    1. Thank you Parul :-).
      Have a nice day .
      Hugs <3.


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