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Ash's Hidden Talent @Write Tribe Festival of Words#4

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Create! Create! Create! Create!
What could I create Ash thought as his teacher Radha miss writes the word C.R.E.A.T.E on the board in big block letter and turns her head towards the class to see how many of them have got started with it .Being a Primary teacher always has been Radha's dream which has come true only a few months ago when her son Ash started going to a new school.  The class start their work on the word 'C.R.E.A.T.E'. She feels satisfied when she gets the panoramic   view of her class from her place where she is sitting and correcting the work books of the children of her class. All of sudden her eyes goes out to the figures that are patting her arms .She looks and see Ash standing there  .Without a word he keeps the book on the table and goes  back to his seat. Few minutes later she just takes a glance of what he has written.
Ash writes a poem to his super heroic teacher cum mom. Radha reads the lines

O my dear boring teacher,
You are a special creature,
Whose main intention is to have some adventure?
By writing the word C.R.E.A.T.E and telling us to draw or write something on this,
My poor fellow mate have already started drawing something but my head and heart are not cooperating with each other  and are fighting like jokes,
But I can't shed tears as I will be considered as a loser by all in class,
So sorry Radha miss I do not know what to write and create as others are drawing the same thing which I wanted to do.

So this is what I wanted tell you through these lines .Please forgive .As I do not know what to create on such a wonderful and beautifying topic like this.

After reading this she sheds tears of joy as Ash her son has unknowingly created an adorable  poem  which is tough for his age .Blinking back her tears she corrects his book and gives him a star and a 'Very Good' remark in his book and calls outs  for books from the rest of class. Buck up children! Quick! I have to correct your books and give it back to you as exams are right round the corner .Fast Fast come on she gets up from the sit and takes the books away from them for correction .All have done pretty good drawings she mutters to herself but Ash lines makes her smiles while correcting other children's book and giving them respective stars and remarks.
One hour later when Ash sees his books .His eyes shines in wonder and looks at his teacher. Radha miss gives a warm smiles and leaves for the other class.
In the night after everyone goes off to sleeps he hugging his mother asks "What did find creative in the lines written". To this  his mother replies it is the way a teacher looks at her students efforts and tugs  him on his  side of the bed by   switching  off the wall lamp  and sleep besides having a contented look on her face .

This post is an tribute to all my English teachers who taught me  the art of creativity in my high school days.

With lots of Love and Hugs 

Writer G


  1. Cute! English teachers! What would I be without them. I had to become one eventually! ;)

    1. Thank you Corinne Rodrigues :-).Hats off to all the English teachers around the world for their hard work they put in while building our personalities .
      Have a pleasant day.
      Hugs <3.

  2. Such a good point - there is definitely more than one way to express creativity!

    1. Yes :-).Thank you Laurel for your encouraging words.
      Have a pleasant day
      Hugs <3.

  3. This is such a sweet piece of work. Reminded me of my school days :)

    1. Oh Great !School day memories are always cherished memories :-) You see.
      Thank you for stopping by Dr Sushree Dash.
      Have a nice day :-).
      Hugs <3.

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    1. Thank you :-) Payal.

      Have a nice day.

      Hugs <3


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