Sunday, 31 May 2015

Hetal's Love for Fool Me Twice a Wow Prompt

Dhara! Dhara! Dhara!
Don't fool me twice like this,
It is not good for your health oh miss.
Life fools me twice,
Because I trusted you as you are wise,
But today you seem to behave in a way too otherwise.
Hetal is fool,
You taught computer to her grandfather Rishi the cool,
Her boyfriend did not love her as she was pure like   a Yamuna river

Oh I am big fool to not polish the brass vessel grandfather grumbled,
Raj and Hetal stumbled over an old photo,
After the brass vessel was kept aside.
They try to find joy by sitting beside each other.

Grandfather who sees them shouts at his man servant,
Hearing the voices we ran inside to see what is the matter,
Only to find 'Ma' and 'Grandma' making butter,
So when Raj went out for getting some fresh mutter.
Grandfather roars and asks him "When will he propose his granddaughter ",
In shock we babbled,
Putting a cake in my mouth Ma mumbled the word 'double',
Getting a diamond ring from her grandfather Raj looked troubled.
As he felt lowered as he had being totally flattered.
Hetal is a fool who was scared of Fool me twice syndrome.
As her heart mattered the most to him but his soul starts jumping to the beats of the doal.

Looking at Shreya eyes he fumbles a diamond ring and says "I love you fooleshwari",
Fool me twice! Fool me twice! You have fooled my heart Shreya,
But still he yearns to listen to her laya.

Shreya hearing this hugs him with delight,
As her hands play flute with all her might,
Because she sees Hetal sitting on her right with her eyes filled warm light.
Sensing her trouble he sings these lines,
Fool Me Twice! Fool Me Twice!
Where is my life?
As I wish to spread joy and happiness through my beautiful wife.

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