Friday, 8 May 2015

Kapil Dev ki ek nayi league

I am not a cricket buff .But I do admire Kapil Dev in all respects .He is  a gentle man who cannot   dig his dirty nose in others personal matters.Apart from the current Indian Scenario where all the Indian cricketers are running after ads and some behind film stars .

I think KD ka nayi league ka motto  hoga

1. Why do Indian   cricketers take things on the field   so seriously ?Why do they have to  verbally abuse  each other  ?.

In recent past there are many cricketers who have lost their temper or control over their tongues for small reasons on the fields  .If media says something about the way they have played or about their lives .Instead they shout and create a drama there.I think Kapil Dev could probably ask them Why can't they keep cool or laugh it out rather than making such a statement that could  intrigues the media to create juicy substance about them.

2.Where as the sense of humour gone?.

If you see gen next Indian Cricketers .They lack sense of humour.But they easily make fun of others.I think KD could ask this question  because today with social media getting boost if somebody told something wrong about the XYZ cricketers then they straight away  start bashing against the Vz person  through the social media or if at XYZ cricketers party  VZ person  see shim he show his cold feet to him by giving non civilized gallis.But it once the news comes in paper then "They state these are rumours ".

I know I am been too mean with them .

But I only wish  KD speaks on these topics where I wish they would open up regarding their fears .
As these  days Cricketers  are behaving like Actors.

I think Kapil Dev  is going to host a show called "Direct Dil Se "where he could ask these kind intriguing question to public in general

 This initiative is brought by  Indiblogger and eknayileague

Disclaimer :These are my views on the current gen next cricketers.I do not intent to harm any body feelings.

With Lots of Love and Happiness

Writer Gal

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