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Self Realisation @Five Sentence Prompt

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Trish and Limy are best friends, they have their own set of dreams and their parents want to leave the building which breaks their friendship.

Today Rishi is a great cricket and Limy a great stage artist .One day their parents decide to get them engaged they do not wish to get entangled in a relationship as they have their own set of egos.

One day out of anticipation a little boy comes towards Trish and asks " Uncle what is the time", 9 o clock Trish responds The little boy runs towards his and his best friend Sara's hand by making her walk properly Sara a 2 year old girl had some problem but no one knew about it as the little boy treat her like a normal girl and plays with her like a normal kid and dreams with her like a true friend without discouraging her.

Seeing this slight Trish's eyes fills up with tears and is speechless as he being allright could not understand Limy and vice versa.

But out of the blue one day Rishi asks the boy his name "What is your name child" Mannan comes a prompt response  as he see Sara is building castle with him, what does your family do? Trish enquires, looking at him Mannan says 'Go and ask them no?', and you why are creating diversion  Limy? he shouts at her with a mild irritation .

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This story I have written for Five sentence prompt

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