Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Tomatoes that sang a song@ Wordy Wednesday #2

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Shree  beta give me  10 tomatoes from the plastic bag which I have left in living room Anjou shouts from kitchen .Yes Ma bringing an army of tomatoes for you. Staring at the kitchen 's platform Anjou mind goes back Andy's  words "I do not love you cribbing women, as you are not like my first love .The love which I  have scarified for our families unity sake is far superior than you Anjou and please do not expect my apologises or sorry for this act".  'Ma' Shree voice gets  her back  to the present scenario .What are going make out of these tomatoes .Let see  Anjou says and starts her search for the required ingredients. The array of tomatoes speaks  amongst themselves  and sings
 "The man of the house is totally heartless.His life is totally worthless, As he has broke the heart of mistress".
Hearing the song sung by the tomatoes   with tears Anjou eyes  she mercilessly squeezes  them in the frying pan till they shrink to death as she feels  hopeless living for a person who does care.

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  1. An interesting take on these tomatoes: such a song they sing! :) <3

  2. Hmm. Yes. When the heart is broken, even inanimate objects seem to pull us down. Sad for Anjou.

  3. Very True :-)I whole heartedly agree with your statement .But in our country there are many Sad Anjou living in a hope of finding love at some point of time.

    Thanks for stopping by .

    Have a nice day Vinay Leo R.


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