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Fearful Love@ Write Tribe Festival of Words#4 Day 2

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There are lots of fear and phobias  which cannot be easily got over .But the constant effort will help us  over come this .I always love to read Harivansh Rai Bacchans poems over Premchand sad stories as they are inspire me  to live life to the fullest . Though Premchand was a brilliant writer but he only wrote sad stories that will make you feel dull. I will share a real incident with you   through a short story.
Few days ago Trisha meets a couple in matrimonial offices when she was passing by from there.
'Hello Auntie 'Trisha said .Then after a while when she did not get the desired reply. What's the matter with auntie uncle? She enquires having teasing looks on my face. Enough! Trisha I do not wish to answer any of questions she said sternly and leaves the place by hiring a rick. How rude Trisha wonders? As Trisha could not understand anything from the way she behaved. Sensing her  trouble Raj  takes her  calmly hands in his hands and says "It's matrimonial fear which parents go through" .When they have  to find a 'Proper Match' for their sons and daughters and this auntie's elder has married somebody from out .Meaning......................? Trisha asks him. Meaning ....someone not belonging to his/her community .Oh! That means love Trisha says quiet enthusiastically. But he keeps quiet and says "It is fearful love". Fearful love...? Trisha asks with her eyebrows raised. Chalo I will speak to you on this topic over a cup of tea Raj says in his classy style. Trisha and Raj went to a hotel and luckily get a seat in secluded area to sit and have our tea with Raj giving gyaan on fearful love she thought mindfully .As they were entering Raj reads the name of hotel .The name of hotel was 'The Matches Hotel'. How apt the word is they thought to themselves and get themselves settled down. Raj places order for some snacks for both and starts imparting knowledge on Fearful love.
Dear Trisha,

I know that auntie was being  quiet rude to you only  because she does not want to let  her second son be trapped by the prowess women who can  make an man to her tunes  like the eldest one .It is this fear that has made irritable and agitated with the way her life is shaping .As the eldest daughter -in -law has made her servant of house .She fears  that her second daughter in law will get all the wrong info about her .It's in a way correct .In today where women and men are walking shoulder  to shoulder with a lot of expectations from other party so both of them will have behave properly  other you know ....court room drama.Another fear which most men and women have is how could I live with a stranger all through his/her life? Even though parents give them time .So in order to escape the tortures of an arrange marriage they try to lie or fall in love in someone whom they like. But once they come to know their family have half hearted  accepted them then they will term as "Love" and  will create  such a spur about it in Social media's that will make others believe that they  could  also  have  their share of office romances or building romances but in fact it is other way round ..It is guilty consciously or fear that kills the person ability to think and create peace around us. If our mind is not at rest are creativity is weekend. Understood Trisha madam so do not hurt yourself by rewinding and remembering  whatever the auntie expressed or said .

Oh I see it's a vicious like this no 
1 . Marriage 
2.  A parents Fear about getting a proper match for his/her sons and daughters
3.   Youth out fears of living with a complete stranger throughout their entire life (fear of              something)
4.   They marry  a person whom they like despite the fact that their parents half hearted accepted them That makes them feel guilty of their actions.
5.Showing off

Yes he says and drops Trisha home .Remember Trisha always be happy and contented with ever you have and desperation for something will leave no where dear  Raj says as he open the door of his car for her. Her nodes feeling satisfied with his gyaan on the subject of 'Fearful Love'

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  1. Why does everyone want to manage everyone else's lives? We should be free to choose what we want to do, who we want to marry, and what we will do to earn a living.

    1. Very true Francene I whole heartedly agree with you .But in India we are bound with some social rules and regulation which cannot be easily ignored.:-) So we cannot do anything about it.But to accept the fact and move on.

      Have a nice day .
      Hugs <3

  2. I feel so sad about how we are here in India..always worried about managing children's life. That's so wrong. Have you read this post of mine?

    1. V true Parul :-) but we are bound by traditional values which are passed on to us from Generation to Generation .So even if we take a different route.Our consciously starts pricking that results frustration and unhappiness which we transfer it to our elders and spouses.Because we want everything perfect in life .No I will now go through it
      Have a nice day .
      Hugs <3


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