Monday, 4 May 2015

Memories of Me :The Lost Laughter

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This is my handwritten letter to my brother Naveen. For those who are not  able to read my letter  for them I will reproduced it here by typing it down.My Letter some what reads like this .

Dear Naveen,
It has been long time since I have written any note to you. Today you are  living seven seas across the Indian ocean.But still I wish you were there for me here.Even Though technological advancements are there that  makes communication  lot more easier these days .But the feel and  warmth in our relationship  cannot be felt through these equipments.

I think we have lost our laughter somewhere while chasing our dreams.Remember those days when ever you used crack a absurd joke and I used to blindly laugh at it without understanding its real meaning. That which used to often mock our 'pops' .

I seriously want to rekindle it .Will you help me in doing that by  cracking your silly once again.As I feel you too have changed your avatar from a silly joking boy to an angry  young man.
This is my only wish from you for this Rakshabhandhan.

Sweety Didi

I hope you enjoy reading this letter.

With Lots of Love and Hugs 

Writer Gal


  1. That was so sweet .... Sweety...
    Great post!!!

    1. Thank you :-).
      Have a nice day :-).
      Hugs <3


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