Friday, 15 May 2015

Freaking Fridays Story

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Sandy   sitting with a picture books sees this  picture .Looking at his father  Sandy asks him  "What this picture "pointing his index finger towards it.Seeing the picture closely Siva answers him by saying "Oh it is watermelon".Sandy suddenly starts giggling and nodding in NO and  says  " My Rubber".Siva too joins him in his laughter ." Oh my giggly das  is becoming smart these days"and kisses his son 's cheeks feeling very satisfied with Sandy his 2 year old son's progress.As Siva wife has left him for some other special person in her life.

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  1. I was raised by my father after my mother died. I enjoyed this story and the close relationship between single father and his son. Alana

    1. Oh I see :-).Thank you Alana. I love being with kids and when I see them talking to their parents (especially single fathers)it is a lovely sight to see. Kids make things light for them as their fathers come home with lot of office stress.
      Thanks for dropping in .
      Have a nice day :-).
      Hugs <3.


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