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Mira sitting down in the park, looking at   the kids playing wandered about here and there aimlessly as she is waiting for her mother who had gone out .Alas that day she didn't carry her house key.
Feeling frustrated she kept on calling her mother up teem times .Her mother some excuses that we are here or we nearing the place .Mira lived Swanky building where there were all young married couples having Toddlers and a lot of would be parents .Seeing this she felt happy for a little while as always yearned for a friend .That day she saw a man smiling at her .She too smiled at him. Later on she starts feeling   disgusted waiting near flat for parents .She went downstairs and sat in garden .It is around 7 pm the skies became dark. Then when light in the park are switched on by the night duty watch men .She sees Aditya who is   in his late 30s playing cricket with all tiny toddlers .It is  so beautiful to see  the sight .As tiny tots play with plastic bats  by making others smile .

Aditya: What so funny about me?
Little Aryan: Nothing play no ...... he says irritated.
Aditya: Accha, then are you making faces at me?
Little Aryan: Accha Woh that's because you are the first person from this entire building to play with us especially me.
Aditya: Why? So
Little Aryan: I am good boy na and help Mira auntie na as she slight problem in her leg and a man had broken her heart by calling off the engagement and neither pa and ma are talking with  her as they don't like her and her attitude towards life .
Aditya: Stunned by his answer .What do you mean by that?
Little Aryan: Are Uncle just look at me, my family is a bit traditional with modern and always my parents told to speak the truth .But one day when I was playing that blunders group. They were tell lies about Ayesha so I tried to defeat her stand point but Alas I was removed from the group and other groups like the Power puff of angels and he-man headed by Anaya and Sid did not accept me as I spoil everybody secret and top of that Iam Mira auntie's best friend so they don't take to me much. Bas because of this bloody good nature I don't have any friends here .But now I am quite busy with activities which my parents put me in.
Aditya : Hearing  these  profound words from the little boy   is  dumbfound .As he sees him  throws his bat off on the ground and run to  Mira who is  sitting  all alone by herself  on  the bench of the park  only to hug and talk to her . It is only due to the strong vasanas of the child to have such a noble thought of helping other.

Finally Aditya who walks towards them is shocked to find that little Aryan's Mira aunty is none other than his dumped fiancée Mira .When Mira sees him she is stunned and little take aback... She leaves the place as her mother had returned home. Her mother gives him smirking looks at him that makes Aditya feel little awkward. Little Aryan bids his goodbye to Aditya .When his parents come and take him away from the park.
Aditya feeling awkward switches on his laptop unknowingly to him tears roll down his cheeks as he felt ashamed of him being an man .Even though he was a big super hero but he had not right to hurt women especially Mira by calling off the engagement that day he remembered his a story called the path of destruction from Ramayana which has been narrated by grandmother immediately after he dumped his fiancée .But the story felts properly in   his current situation. Because  he  listens  to  his sister who  is clever like Soorpanaeka  .As he has always been  blinded  by desire  for hot bimbos who  have fabulous curves and that is reason  he couldn't think  beyond body level. .
But then upon realizing his mistake he decided that he will go and ask for his forgiveness and try being an ideal husband to Mira by marrying her. To go and convince her and ask her for a second chance isn't a bad idea at all he thoughtfully nodded. Switching off his laptop, wiping his tears and patting off the dust from the pants .He marches out of the park towards her residence.  He did not wish to   become a like Ravana of this century as he always wanted to be like a hero saving people life.
Mira stared  at sky blankly and wished for some miracle to happen now as her own brother has locked them  into a room with dare minimum light along with little Aryan in an unknown place in South Mumbai. Mira shouted at him and" O dear brother you are sinister and Kamsa for this new era and you are not going to living long as your own misdeeds will kill you, mark my words". Picking her little  crying nephew in her arms she tries to coax him by saying some hero will come and save us but the little Aryan did not stop crying instead the volume crying only increased  by making him tired and finally he went  to sleep with a pale face. Mira only just wished and hope that someone should come to rescue them from this unknown place. Tears welled up in her eyes and misted her vision while she was caresses her innocent nephew who has   been pulled into this for no fault.

Aditya who reaches her residence is stunned to see her mother in tears and upon enquiring them about Mira and little Aryan whereabouts they narrated the entire story as to   how her brother treated her and took away all the happiness which she had. On hearing this he feels hurt for Mira and asked those for forgiveness for his action .They immediately hugged him and "Aditya my son we have forgiven you as you a gem of person who has a golden heart". Go and save fiancée Mira but be careful in dealing as she is tough coconut to crack they said mock grinning at him. Touching their feet and keeping his laptop bag on the cushion he leaves their residence for this impossible mission. Before he set out for this impossible mission he had cross the seas of traffic. As Mumbai is a city that never sleeps and it was peek hour where all office goers are returning home like flock of birds. Even though he thought of turning but his guilt for his action done knowingly haunted him. While waiting in the traffic he remembered all the happening of the day as to how he came to park and how little Aryan spoke words of wisdom while playing cricket with him, his awkward meeting with Mira in a strange situation, then he is reminded of a story from Ramayana and the strange act on the part of her brother like Kamsa. He realized his wait was over to attain wisdom /to think beyond. Toying with an idea in which is playing in his mind for while. 

He makes a countless number of enquiries regarding them. He finally reaches the unknown place in South Mumbai. The place is quiet dark and staircase is dingy. He climbed the staircase slowly only to find little Aryan and Mira being verbally assaulted by her brother like the flames  of fire .After thundering on her for a while he left the place .Without having any hope  for some hero to come and save them. She sat there while little Aryan was sleeping on the bamboo cot. Little Aryan could understand every bit of what his father told Mira auntie but he reminded silent. Out of anticipation he tried to do something. As   they wish leave the place easily. But all his efforts went in vain. Aditya's arrives at the scene.
Aditya: Hey camp what's up?
Little Aryan: Shrugging his shoulders displayed his displeasure of being asked such question in the current scenario.
Mira:"Can't you see in what condition we are in" she sarcastically pointed out to him.
Aditya:'I am going to take you both out from this place'.
Little Aryan: Stunned with disbelief at his words and looks at Mira with his blinking eyes.
Mira: Ha-ha the so called darpok who broke my heart just for the sake of the family and their   happiness that you are going save us she exclaimed aloud.

Seeing them playing TT with words little Aryan gets fed up and shouted "Stop it". Sensing the command in the voice .They kept their egos aside and starts working like a team so that they can get out of the place. Little Aryan's father had dishoom fight with Aditya. Amidst their fight little Aryan gets hurt and is succumbed to serve injuries that worsen his condition. Coming out of the dark place and Mira taking him to hospital for treatment saw her brother's swollen face. On reaching the hospital Little Aryan is happy that his wait to see his father to change for good is over .He now hopes to live a peaceful and contented life with him. He could    see his father getting worried for him through his plastered forehead. Seeing the other side of her brother, Mira realizes something and smiles at him.

On her way back home, Aditya asks for forgiveness for his actions done knowingly in the past and woos her back into his life. Making Mira his, Aditya feels like as if his long wait for goodness and wisdom to fill his heart was over .Seeing him smile and remembering the other side of her brother makes Mira realize that her wait for the lesson in art of forgiving and hope to live a peaceful life with Aditya was over.

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  1. I found this a little hard to follow. But, I've learned over the years that it takes millions of written words to make a good author so the more you write, the better you'll get. Keep writing.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your writing - keep it up! :)

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