Saturday, 23 May 2015

Three Wishes of the clever Raven

Raven  sitting on a tree found it difficult to move an inch as he gets hurt while flying high and fighting with an eagle that hurt his wife's wings. Sitting down in armchair wearing his spectacles he reads the newspaper that read" Ravens are quiet dangerous to our society." Reading this his blood boiled throwing the newspaper down .He sees the report and straight attacks him.

The reporter being defenceless is hurt and taken to the nearby hospital after being attacked by the Raven .After a few days a fearless reports writes about the dangerous attacks of the Raven under the same heading "Raven's are quiet dangerous to our society " .Reading this Raven comes to attacks but stops as he marvelled the guts of the reporter and said

"Dear Reporter, could you please fulfil my three wishes. a. please let tree be there.b. Plant more trees and create vegetation. c. Please stop building high rise towers so as we can fly high." 

Hearing these words the reporter is stunned and nodes at him that weaves a golden carpet For the Raven his heart .

With Lots Of Love and Hugs 

Writer Gal

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