Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Wordy Wednesday #1- May 2015 #Prompt

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Sandy is 10 year old kid playing  with sand and  making sand castles  with it in the Marve Rd beach .Madhavi and Shiv are fighting amongst themselves. Seeing them fight like TOM and JERRY his friend helping him with  the making of  his sand castle questions  Sandy "Is this the way your parents fight ".

Sandy keeps quiet for sometime and says with his chest filled with pride "It is their way of showing their love for each other.Though they are walking away from each other but they are inseparable as they are destined to be one.Even the water from the beaches and oceans cannot erase their footprints".Later on Sandy gets up  with his muddy hands only to join the couple who are   now observing  the waves hitting their feet as they madly irrelevantly in love with each other.
Absorbing this sight his friends realize the true meaning of love and life and stroll over  their footprints after Sandy and his parents leave the beach .
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  1. Rather powerful imagery. I really liked the way you tied in the parents and their love with a simple game on the beach.

    1. Thank youuuu Shailaja :-).Good to See you here after long time.
      Have a nice day
      Hugs <3

  2. Wow what an inspiring story about the power and durability of love. Thank you for sharing this

    1. Thank you proudmommaofgirls for your kind words :-).Actually this story is inspired from my friends family who believe in power of durability and longevity as life is too short to live .
      Thank you for stopping by :-)
      Have a pleasant day .
      Hugs <3


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