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#1000 Speak For Compassion : The white-haired women ---- Grandma

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 The  white-haired women  ---- Grandma is small article written by my friend Simple Women  Radha   as 'A Tribute' to the newest generation of people as they still value and respect their grandparents especially their grandma's for being in their lives ..... for  the longest period.So let start with it.

                     The  white-haired women  ---- Grandma

We all call GRANDMA by different names like Aaaji ,Patti ,Dadi ,Granny and etc...... way . we often mock around her saying that "granny you are too bad and  boring us with her advices and sermons" .We allways considered the white hair ,fragile frame women as traditional and who doesn't not know how to  move on with others as they live in their old world isn't it so? Guys hmm  even we find it a  little awkward to call our friend home for party afraid off her as if she is' Dayan'.  
But we often forget a  thing that she is also a human being and not a lump to be taunted every one and then for being their in our lives.  As they have crossed through several stages in life to come to this level and we not even crossed  one stage of life  properly without others  help we start  being like we are 'ustad ' we don't think that we will one day also become old like them instead we think we are every green young .I have seen most of young parents they snap their grandmas(Gm) as if their  (GM) don't know what is current trend in every senses especially after child birth .They never trust their (GM) as they don't want to or their scared to trust and try out  their Nuskas as they think it will   will harm the child .  But then  ...... they trust the doctors who give medicines for small small problem like cold or cough or stomach pain caused by Acidity ,gas or indigestion which isn't good for the young child .
As for them  trusting  their (GM) ghar ka Nuskas is like playing with fire  .Much before their Granny gives anything they will asks several question that their mothers find it difficult to calm both of them 

Grandma's relationship with us is unique and whether proof.Meaning Despite several fights with them   and criticism against her we love her and if any outsider speaks to them rudely you snap them back .....and give them a lesson of their life .Seeing you defend her she (Grandma ) sheds tears of joy and pours her heart to you and showers unconditional love on you .No one on this planet earth can given you so much love like Grandma not even your Gf,Husband,Wife or finance can give you ,that  much love she gives  as they do Dekhava of love apart from some exceptional people .

Once when our relationship becomes strong we start sharing things that we also don't share with parents until one day when  your best friend and your mentor of life IE Grandma leaves you and becomes a star amongst the other stars .You start feeling bad and start missing her as you became like parched soil which requires water for its development and  once when you will feeling like that and  then to rejuvenate yourself you will start remembering each and every word of grandma and soak it into your  heart .As She was  the backbone of the family like the agriculture which  is backbone of India  and like head of family. SHE is also SUPREME HEAD OF THE FAMILY WITH WHOM FAMILY PROPHECY WOULD NOT  HAVE HAPPENED .So once when you realize this as you grow up you will take parents very well and you will teach their grandchildren to be  good to them  but today's generation  Grand Parents are not that strict like our generation Grandma .Can't help it.

Only one thing I want Y'all to remember that never make them feel like  they are burden on you  as I seen some many people keeping their own mother in homes so that their children future will not disturbed  but this according to me is not done as Grandma are dam good to be with .They are smarter and wiser than all others in a family.So be compassionate and kind towards them.
Thank you all for reading my article  and thank you AshG for hosting me on your blog

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Writer Gal's friend  Simple Women  Radha


  1. Both my grandmothers were awesome. I am appalled that some would treat theirs badly.

    1. Wonderful:-) Suzy .My grand mom too were awesome in their own ways .I have no words to express.Yes It is true that some treat them like some burden for no faults of theirs and because of which they start living in old age homes as they fear of losing their respect and identity which is correct in a way . .Whenever I see the plight of such old people .My moods get shattered :-(.
      Have a pleasant day
      Hugs <3


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