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Wheat Milk Patis ------Experiment cooking reciepe

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Expeditions are part and parcel of life .Some people love outdoor  expeditions like trying an adventurous trip , rock or mountain climbing  and some like indoor  expeditions like reading a book , listening to music , singing and cooking .These expeditions are taken when we are in  great mood to do something different .So here I present you with latest expedition in cooking  , which  is quiet a risky affair as in you have take care of many factors like taking care of sari or duptta while you are standing near stove, don't play with water when oil  is boiling ,Keep the stove low flame and etc......things which we often tend to forget.

As we think  that we are kitchen queens/kings .I started my cooking expedition @24 years .So it have been years for me to get some of  the recipes right .One  such recipe is wheat -milk patis  which last Saturday I had made.This recipe came out my own thinking and food items that were available in the kitchen . I made this  dish to offer something different  to God as prasad rather that regular fruits which we offer to God before partaking it .

How I made this Wheat-- Milk Patis

Ingredients used :1 cup water 
                              1 tablespoon salt  
                              1 cup milk 
                              3 medium size  cups of  wheat atta
                              1 table spoon of Channa Atta 

Method to prepare :Mix all the ingredients in vessel and make a dough out the above things . Make shapes out of dough according to liking. Then heat a pan with little oil  .Wit for 2 minutes as pan  gets ready for cooking Patis .In mean time  while the pan is heated take little Rava mix it  well with  garam masala and place the pitas on it .Roll the patis on the Rava -Garam masala mixture.Then place this patis on the hot  pan by putting oil on the sides and on the center of the patis   .Wait for  the patis to become  brown, on both the sides (it may 5-10 minutes).Like this you do it for other patis .Then finally place the redid  piece of   patis on the tray. Serve it hot with curds or sauce  to your family members.They will surely  rejoiced the dish that has served with  so much love .

Disclaimer :This is my person experimental patis so It  may or may not turnout well for you all but try it .I am not a  great cook  but I like to experiment with things to bring about joy and happiness  in other's life .As cooking is great art that which  melts the  people heart and bring a big smile on their faces when they see somebody making different item for them  .

Enjoy your  day 

With  lots of Love and Hugs 

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