Sunday, 1 February 2015

Love -A Valentine Special Poem

Love is like a water  that flows everyday
It is like the flower that spreads fragrance  in every way--(1)

Love is like Tree that gives shade 
We are like its branches that gives  hade-------------------(2)

Love is transparent 
Love is ephemeral -----------------------(3)

Love is joy of being together 
Love is sorrow of losing each other ----------------(4)

Love is a sea of fulfillment 
We are rives and oceans of achievement------------------(5)

Love is song of the soul
We are lyricist in whole---------------(6)

Disclaimer:This poetry is written by me .I  am just a learner .It may not sound that poetic but for my own and love for poem I have penned by thought down.

I hope you enjoy it .Like I enjoyed it while writing 

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With lots of love and Hugs

Writer Gal

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