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Firstly I would like thank The Book Club for giving a chance to the new comers like me  . I received the copy of the book in mobi format from the Author. Thank you book club and Rubina Ramesh for the same.
The book is all about Shyamoli Verma's journey of rediscovering herself.  She emerges as a strong woman who faces all the challenges thrown at her. She fights against all odds with respect and guts. Her family and close friends betray her trust.  This book is also about how she make new friends and a new life for herself. It is very interesting to read it.
My views:
Ritu Lalit has written a strong story in a very interesting way .The story is divided into two halves .The first half consists of the dark side or the sad phase of the protagonist and the second half consists of the light side or happy phase.
The emotions of the all the characters are very  articulately depicted in an realistic and humorous manner . The Author writes from her heart. You can feel the emotions free flowing through the words; and they all reach a readers heart. I could feel Shyamoli's  anguish and her sense of betrayal when her family and friends show their true color.  She also projects her hopes and soaring spirits that she got through entrepreneurship and from her children's support .She has crafted every emotion with equal delicacy and intensity.
 The book is a combination of heartaches, betrayal and hopes with lots of humor embedded in it.
Hats off to Ritu Lait for writing this mesmerizing tale .Thank you Ritu Lalit for this wonderful treat.
All the best.
This review is unbiased. Highly recommended read to all the book lovers.

For The Right Reasons
Ritu Lalit

The Blurb

Shyamoli Verma’s timing is wrong. In her late twenties, she finds that her marriage is irrevocably broken. She comes back to her parents with her pre-teen son and an infant daughter, only to find that she is unwelcome. 
Independent and brash, she decides to bring up her children and also get a divorce without any support from friends and family. 
Written with wry self deprecating humour, this is the story of a divorced woman's quest for love and security.

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The Story Told In Pictures 

Meet the Author

Ritu Lalit is a corporate slave turned fiction writer. A voracious reader, she is a gold medalist post graduate in English Literature who spent most of her childhood in remote areas in the northeastern parts of India, lying on grassy hillsides daydreaming and reading books.

She loves spinning tales, but no longer has her captive audience as her children grew up and flew away from the coop. Her three dogs don’t pay much attention. She began writing in the vain hope that the characters she creates will listen to her, even do her bidding.

She has five books out in the market, A Bowlful of Butterflies, HILAWI, Chakra, Chronicles of the Witch Way and Wrong, for the Right Reasons. Her fifth novel, His Father’s Mistress is coming soon.

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