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Blessing in Disguise

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Blessing in Disguise
Four year ago
It was a pleasant day in Mumbai. Sonia 's  mother  Radica had gone to bazaar and grandmother had  gone to temple  to attend some Parvachan. Sonia used to  not like these kind of stuff which her grand mom used like. As she was a party animal .Those were hay days when Sonia was centre of attraction but after Shyam rejection she wasn't the same dynamic person . Shyam was the apple of people's eyes in Dwarka Nagari the   swanky building in Mumbai which was two street away from her residence .Shyam was getting ready for bath . Until he heard the news of Radica Auntie's death He immediately ran down to her place where Sonia lived ."Her grand mom stared at him and promised herself that  she will  never allow  Shyam who had  ruined her daughter-in law life  to come close to any of her granddaughter 's". she thought warily as  she allowed Shyam to enter  the crematorium  to attend Radica 's last rites function.

Shyam knew from his close source that Radica  was Sonia's mother   Mrs. Radica  act  pull Sonia's  father down as he  Xyz multinational company  tender which she wanted to give her boyfriend i.e. him But Alas it couldn't happen as Mr. Seth was a good man having a golden heart. But  after Radica death his live was hay wired .As he started to drinking and partying  a lot.   Shyam hated himself for  being so shallow that he had  rejected Sonia over her mother Radica as she was more attractive to look .He felt ashamed of himself and left the place .Sonia who was looking lost  .Looking at the way Sonia was taken away from the place his heart twisted .Finally Shyam had decided to take her away from her family who were giving her shabby treatment .But how was  he going to do it was a big question ? he thought frustratingly .

Finally Shyam  thought of a plan  ,he called up his pal' Raj 'in this regard. The plan was simple to kidnap Sonia from the Business seminar which is going to be held in London. Raj looked at his friend with great regard. 'It's quiet risky Shyam' Raj tensely said. No.....Everything in life is challenge ,so I am ready for this risky challenge Shyam  smiling said .But what are you going to do? Raj enquires as Shyam packs his bag and ready to take the next fight to London. While leaving home for airport Shyam looking at Raj says the answer to your question is 'Disguise'. I will disguise as Sandy -the diplomat of the state  for Sonia's sake .After reaching the airport Raj and Shyam exchanged teary glances while bidding their adieus.

On reaching London, he disguised himself as Sandy--the diplomat of the state  went to the party which was been thrown by Mr. Seth along with his  brand new wife days before Business seminar .In the mark of their achievements which they had got , when Sonia was heading his Xyz multinational company . While enjoying the party , he started searching for Sonia .Sonia who was lost in thought standing  in extreme corner  of the party hall staring at sky through the glass windows .On Locating Sonia he pressed a handkerchief  filled with chloroform on  her face. She fell unconscious .Shyam lifted her and took her away in midst people enjoying the party .As Mr. Seth saw real Sandy enter the party  hall with his mother late in night   , he felt something  wrong amidst and frantically starting searching for Sonia  .When he came to Shyam  who had disguised has Sandy had kidnap  his daughter .He ran  out to wage a war  him. Alas! he couldn't as he was stopped by his own mother who didn't like him anymore .Seeing a person named Sandy  taking her ,Sonia couldn't believe her eyes as she felt like Krishna who had come rescue her Rukumini from family who didn't like her especially from the diplomat of the state Sandy . Sonia felt happiness bubble up .'Are you the really Sandy who is supposed to get married to me ' she asked him as Mr. Seth tried to pull her by pushing his mother on the ground  .Nah I am Shyam.  He said while marching towards Mr. Seth .Much before he could start his fist fight with her father as he was having animalist behavior towards week and meek .  Sonia stopped him by saying "This merchant of Mumbai does not understand the true meaning of quality mercy like you do".

The day of seminar dawned , making Mr. Seth realize that  he was the one and only  person  who  disguised himself  as happy man who wants more from life but in actuality  he was the  most unhappiest person in the world. In order picture himself or make him feel happy  he remarried a women who did not want to  mother Sonia but  only wanted his wealth  He thought warily as he saw Sonia smiling at Shyam's antics .Which made him feel jealous of Shyam the  great business man who was making her laugh .Which felt like blessing his disguise for his daughter 

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