Friday, 20 February 2015

#Snap your week 8 by Eloquent Articulation

 Photo Copyright:My Camera
 I spotted this bird on the balcony of my house yesterday while I was having chai .This picture is of humming bird  which comes to my place whenever  I  give him something  to eat .But then Today  this fellow  was sitting on tracks of the windows -sill. It was amazing  to see his every expression on  his face especially his eyes.As his eyes was filled  with lot of mischief . So Today without  disturbing him I decided to capture this sight.  I click the picture  of this Humming bird  in the afternoon when he was in great mood   from a distance  by using my HD Camera  .

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  1. It so wonderful to have birds visit home :)

    1. Yes :-) .Nice to meet you Rajlakshmi here via prompts .Thanks for stopping by :-) .

      Hugs <3


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