Tuesday, 3 February 2015

#Monday Musing# --------- A child's Tryst with destiny


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Today morning when  I woke up  with strange feeling for the child in me.Looking back at my struggling days.I felt   how I managed to come  to this level .

I am the first born child to my parents .Those were the days when Technology was not that advance .People were thrilled on hearing  this news .They gave their wishes whenever they dropped in .This I am taking about when there were no emails , no internet .

My parents were working and so they used to take care of me very well with minimum needs when I was in  my mother's womb but tragedy stroked them. When I came to this world .I was normal but mishandled at birth by whom is  a mystery till today .

When I was born my happiness and family joy was  some what scattered .I become doctor's best friend and my child hood was unique in many ways like 
1.I was surrounded by books when I was in plaster .
2.Kids in building were very kind to me that  they came to play with me.
Though doctors could not find exact problem then ,when I was little toddler but then later on a very well read doctor told my parents  that I am suffering  partial Cerebral Palsy where one side is slightly affected.
The only cure is physiotherapy  the doctor said .But I as a child didn't like it  but then I was forced to do it  so that it will keep me moving . Slowly I started going to school  made friend, enjoyed the schooling life .Then I gradually went college and made friends with book as during  the early years of my college days a friend betrayed my trust and broke my heart so .....I further didn't make friends but then saw lot of laila -majanu making their own nest and breaking their own nest which their had made with lots of efforts .I saw some of classmates  getting married and some were carrying their  child .As days and years passed by like seasons I finally become a graduate .

It was collective effort of everyperson who wished well for me.It includes my professors, my Grand mom , our family friends etc......as they prayed for me and my progress and still praying  for me so that I be successful in my chosen  :-) and find a prince charming 

But My life is worthy reading as I encountered many  such hardship in life to come up this level where I can meet good bloggers online , share things life etc.....stuff .

Thank you all and especially thanks to all those people who are there and were there in life to make my life a  grand celebration 

Today I am near normal and this is only because of physiotherapy.

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With Lots of Love and Hugs

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  1. Life is indeed a grand celebration.
    Great that things are back to normal. Best wishes. God bless :)

    1. Yes!Thank you Anita :-) . For your wishes and Thank you for stopping by.


  2. I was transported to my childhood memories too. No technology, no emails. And the pleasure in writing letters and receiving cards through a familiar face, the postman. Getting together with family in physical more and less on skype.
    Its so good to read about the bonding in your family and that they supported you through thick and then. May the Almighty shower his blessing on you and your family.

  3. Yeah I know as I too miss those days where we would receive greeting from our relatives , friends on Diwali 's and on New year's .Those greeting cards used to have different design which used to look mind-blowing and beautiful. It used to passionately collect those cards and stick it in my drawing book .But with technological advancement these kinds of treasured moments are lost .Anyways Thanks for reading my post and commenting on it .Nice to Meet you Salvwi

  4. Life is a journey through the path of hope.So remaining on hope will open the door of fulfilled dream.

    1. Yes very true rudraprayaga .I completely agree with you on that .It iss my pleasure to have meet you Via prompts.Thanks for stopping by .
      Hugs <3


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