Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wordless Wednesday #72 Hosted by Abracadabra

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This picture of the scared squirrel is taken by me while I was walking in the park.When I saw the squirrel  from a distance he  was having a fruit that which  was available on tree.But when I went closer to the tree for talking  his  photo .The Squirrel got too scared and started getting but my Samaritan phone captured it very well within seconds.After that the squirrel went hiding into the hole creating by him.It was funny to see him run  like this .
Because of the squirrel's  fearful nature .I could  not capture many picture of the squirrel as he was  run in an  lighting speed ..I love to see Squirrels eating  their food with their hands.

Moral: We should be like the squirrel  whose nature is fearful  but it is sweet creature  which accepts anything and everything that is given to it with lots of love and humbleness.

Wordless Wednesday #72  powered by Abracadabra

With Lots of Love and Hugs

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  1. I have seen such expressions of these "harmless" creatures ;)

    Timely shot, AshG

    Thanks for linking up...pleasure to have you on board!

    1. Yes :-) Thanks to the squirrel for showing some mercy on my by giving this pose . after debating with itself weather to give a pose or not . Phew !! it was like the battle of wills between me and squirrel Ruchira. Thank you for starting such a wonderful prompt .As I can link my post's to Wordless Wednesday 's prompts that you started on your blog :-) Thank you for stopping by
      Hugs <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for liking my pic Bikram .I love to see squirrels everyday as they are serene and sober creatures :-)

      Ashwini G


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