Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wordy Wednesday #5 at B-A-R

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Mira wondered why her family couldn't understand the meaning of love ?. As she was being forced to marry Vasant who belong to  Pesewa clan .He looked charming but she wasn't willing to give up  her hopes on  love. The day of the meeting  dawned ,Vasant along with family came see Mira . Mira appeared in  her usual gear of  casual wear  in the mark to protest against this marriage .All the people  who were sitting in the living room were  stunned  when they saw Mira in this attire .Vasant's family  felt so humiliated that the place immediately .Mira's  mother was so  embarrassed that she didn't speak to her daughter for days.  This made Mira go crazy and made her averse to  the concept of love .Until one day Vasant  who drops at her place  seeing her pale face ,"he says  Lets paint the town red " by giving her reassuring squeeze .On hearing these words  her face lit  up and Mira hugged him with all her love for him in her eyes.


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  1. Lucky for Mira he didn't mind.

    1. Yes !.Thank you for stopping by .I love your blog very nice as it is quiet amazing to look :-).
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