Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wordy Wednesday #6 at B-A-R


Nanette and Nina were fraternal  twins. They loved everything and anything that was offered to them by life .They been orphaned at a very young  age .But zeal to live life was their prime  motto .They  were living with Uncle Sam Murthy the forest officer who lived in Gujarat .One day Nanette Murthy thought of  visiting  Gir forest all alone by himself. He took his uncle's permission to go the Gir jungle  without taking Nina. He felt like she was burden on him as  she  didn't like GF. Without bidding  her he left to meet his GF who was waiting  for him  in the forest .On reaching the forest he saw his GF who  was in great mood of playing hide-seek. She went hiding in such a place where  he couldn't find but he got see a strange sight of two monkeys  .One holding a half corn piece, waiting for some other animal  to share  the piece of corn with it .Without giving the piece of corn to other monkey who is leaking the ground as he too hungry  and  who is quiet younger to him   .Suddenly he realized that "Sharing give us unconditional joy and satisfaction in our heart" .He acted like the first  monkey  who had an ignorant look/sad look  .He thanked  his stars for showing right way  every time  when he went astray as we human  being  have evolved from monkey.So we should  take the 1 step ahead of them   and  try  to be humble beings .He then  immediately found out where his GF was hiding , leaving her back to the place from where he had picked her up and left for home. Only to find his twin sister Nina waiting for him so that they have can  their dinner together  .
Moral of the story is :Be kind and humble to other fellow beings 

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  1. A nice story! A good take on the prompt.

  2. that they could have dinner together. this is such a sweet gesture.

    1. Yes :-) .Thank you for stopping by Kalpana Solsi .

      Hugs <3


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