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Book Review of The Perfect Groom by Sumeetha Manikandan

It had been long since I have done a  book review as I was busy with some personal but this book which I got as gift  from my brother started garbing attention .The  cover of the book is beautifully done hats off to the person  who has perfectly designed the cover of the book.
So without  making any  delays  shall we start review the book ? hmm

The blurb : The story is about Nithya's unsuccessful marriage  with  NRI  guy Ashok who happen to be Gay  and how slowly cracks starts developing in the loveless marriage when Vasu her childhood friend and her past enters her life and  What happen when Vasu comes to know about Nithya's husband.Will Nithya be able start her life afresh .We shall find  in this book

My views : This is Sumeetha Manikandan 's first novel with Indireads .The book is in eBook form .Sumeetha has written the book very well .The author has described the characters with lot of accuracy and precision as it makes the characters come alive .The emotions of the all the characters articulated described with great intensity  especially Nithya 's anguish and  Ashok's  frustration .

I like  all the character in book .Sumeetha has very well designed the situation with ease and effortlessly described the drama put up those jealous and willy uncle and aunt who have taken everything from her  widowed mother .

I love the way she  has described her MIL and her family  who always taunt her .

This Book is about Nithya self discovery  from being tolerant  to strong women .
Sumeetha has very well weaved the simple plot into a mind numbing tale.While I was reading the book I could easily relate it and I was transported to Nithya's world .

Hats off to the author who has pulled a simple story into a mind-blowing romantic  tale.

Thank you author for giving the world awesome story  to read

High recommended read

About the Author :  Sumeetha Manikandan is freelance content writer who is  English literature graduate with a diploma in Journalism and Mass communication .She lives with her husband and daughter in Chennai
You can purchase her book available in Indireads website and in other  eCommerce website like

You can connect with  Sumeetha on her author page Sumeetha .Manikandan .Author and on her Goodreads Author Page

I hope  you all will enjoy reading my review 

With lots of Love and Hugs

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  1. I went to Amazon (United States) and read some of the reviews, which were almost all favorible. Sounds like a good, universal story. Too bad there wasn't the option of a free chapter, to test out the writing style. Thanks for blogging about this book. Alana

    1. Most Welcome Alana . You can read the experts and watch the video on the
      here is the link hope you enjoy reading the experts.


    2. Have read this book Ashwini. Its really a good one.. :) Good review.

    3. Thank you Ina Tales.:-) Actually the cover and the title of book compelled me to read it .The book is really interesting .All thanks to Sumeetha Manikandan for writing such a wonderful story.

      Hugs <3


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