Monday, 16 February 2015

Early morning snip notes on Vedanta

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#Snip notes  on Vedanta from my early morning satsang #.I am not a early riser like my family .So as soon as I got change to go to my best friend house .I went to his house with the intention of enjoying a splendid time with him and his family by being myself in their place .But once when I went there .I couldn't  be myself. 
As they  too followed the same rules that which are followed in my house like walking up early in morning ,listening to uplifting talks that are  shown on the T.V and etc ... other  activities before setting out of the house  for office  or some client visit .
I felt like Hell  broke upon me and decided to shorten by my week 's Trip to 2 day Trip.My friend knew about it and didn't comment anything  on my decision .But Finally when I was leaving his house he looking into eyes he  said

" People who don't think beyond  body level as they cling to the bodies size shape and etc... things . They don't release that this body of their  is permanent so if even people have no great shape or size should not worry much about it. Instead we should think  that we are thy self and we the products of thy creation .So that we  can lead peace , romantic and contented life".
Saying this he drop  me back home and had dinner with us.
After he left I pondered for a while on his words .Truly ,People don't realize  their  true nature .Instead  of being happy.We often compare ourselves  with other in terms  of Color ,size,shape and other relating  things .We often forget that We  are product of thy will  and  with his will nothing on this planet moves. We look beautiful in our own way. As our  lives are ephemeral.So instead of worry about our exterior body .We should work on interior side of it by removing negative tendencies and false values within us.So that we would live a stress free  happy life .

----------------------------------*******------------------------------------ There was  a great Vedantin called ' Swami Chinmayaananda' .He was a  like magician who revive the Hindu Culture to the extent possible .His  only motto was to give happiness to maximum member .He had built ashram's  and school's for the  benefit of his devotee all over the world .

Below is the link of one of his video where he explains Vasanas .It is a beautiful video  that can be watched millions of times in a day.
Swami Chinmayaananda explaining the Vasanas which we have 

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