Friday, 27 February 2015

Book Review of Take 2 by Ruchi Singh

I received the book as a review copy from the author herself. Thank you Ruchi Singh for the same.

Blurb: The story is about Priya Verma a software engineer and Abhimanyu Malhotra the head of Star Communication and their  journey of becoming one  with each other .
Priya 's life turns upside down when she comes to know that her husband Sameer Rai  is cheating on her back  with other women and considers her to dead weight after stripping off her inheritance for his own ambitions and lavish lifestyle.
On the contrary Abhimanyu gets  instantly attracted to Priya. He knows that getting involved with a married women would invite troubles in his life .But apart from his common sense and caution which his  head and people around give him. He  is drawn to help her.
Happily ever after  has become a myth to her   .As Priya tries hard to maintain a platonic relationship with him. But it becomes more and more for Abhimanyu .
In the tussle with her fear, and ethics of society , will she be able to embrace a second change that life gives her .
My take :Take 2 is Ruchi Singh's Debut Novel. Congrats to her for reaching the third  position in the Amazon's   popular book list  within a week time. Take 2 is a superb and very written book by Ruchi Singh. The characters in the book are really mind blowing .The story line is simple.
Ruchi has narrated her story in a wonderful manner .She has very well described  the emotion of all the characters in a very realistic way .Making you feel  the anguish, the frustration ,  and the pain which her characters go through .
The Story is set in Delhi, Gurgoan and Chandigarh .The dialogues are quiet articulately written .The pace of story is normal. Initially it seemed to be boring but later parts of novel seemed to very interesting as Ruchi has very artistically written the drama in a  brilliant  way that would hold the reader attention. The confusions and drama are weaved  very careful in a delicate way. I like the way she has described Priya's neighbors  Mrs. Bhatia's reactions towards her  , when she announces her divorce  with her husband  and when she bring  Abhimanyu  to her place .I love the way Ruchi has described Abhimanyu emotion's like his soft corner for Priya , because somewhere  I could feel my  own friend's attitude  towards me when I was reading his character   the book.

This book transported me to an different world. Awesome Read. Highly recommended to all the lovers of fiction .All the very best for the success of your book  Ruchi  .Waiting some more interesting novels from your side .
This my unbiased review of Take 2 by Ruchi Singh .

With Lots of Love and Hugs

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  1. It's great when a plot can lift you out of your own reality to another way of thinking.

    1. Yes Francene I completely agree with you on that ;-).But for debutant author to create such a plot is really mind-blowing thing as it marks the author progress .

      Have a nice Sunday.

      Hugs <3


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