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Fragrance of love- a short story

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                               Fragrance of love

GOOD MORNING! Mr. Parthasarathi
It was Shiva Parthasarathi  's Secretary Mrs.Saraswati Desai as she entered  his cabin having a broad grin on her face. What happened Mrs. Saraswati Desai ? he asked her  by rising his head from the paper which he had prepared for client who were  in education line and had many institutions that which required proper guidance  for its proper running as he believed in 'Education is wealth'. Nothing important Sir it's just that today is our  10th anniversary and My husband Mr. Harsh Desai is giving sweet surprise  by  inviting  The Ex beauty queen cum Star Singer Parvati Shah tonight to our party  she said this a matter -of- fact tone. Which  Shah? he asked .

Uff!! Sir ,It is Parvati  and she is from U.S.A. Anything else   you want to know she asked him  mocking .Anyways I will have to take half day from office so that I can help my Sumatra's  father  as there is less work  on my table. Its O.k. no. Yeah yes ok granted leave .Thank you .  You have lifted the load off my chest by granting me this  leave sir  .  She said , jumping in excitement like two year old getting his/ her favorite item. Sir these are files of the clients which require your services  .Hmm  I  will see it please keep on my table .Jumping the stair case in two  she keeps  the files and leaves . Please take care of yourself while driving home back as you know 'Over excitement is dangerous' he said mock grinningly .She left his room and turned  deaf ears to what he was telling . Can love create this much excitement over these years he wandered as his phone started ringing  it was from his childhood best friend Harsh Desai who also was a common friend to both Parvati .

 "Congratulations on  your 1oth wedding anniversary..I am happy for you Mr. Harsh Desai" he said happily .But Harsh knew he  wasn't   happy his voice betrayed him.  Aren't you coming tonight for party ? he asked sheepishly  .You have changed after the divorce took place between you and Swati........Hey are not  going to come party , Parvati was asking me about you  ? Harsh enquired looking at the receiver   for an answer which he brought in front of his eyes . NO!! It mustn't be Parvati asking for me   .It's you who has been  asking  me to join the party , he said in an assertive voice . "Can't believe  me then just drop in today where she will be singing the same fragrance of love her favorite romantic song for us" Harsh tensely said  .Ok Man only for your sake I will be coming for the party  tonight .

While leaving for the party ,on his way he saw Parvati standing in front of the office with a baby in arms .Those days when he was nothing ,Parvati rejecting his love then. As she was in love with her model friend  .But then Today  what happen to her , why she looked so nerve wrecking? he wondered as he got out of his office building.

'Shiva ..'Parvati called out  from where she was standing  feeling very nervous about  his reactions. He did looked at her ,instead he pulled out a bundle of note and gave it to her through the driver. Parvati who receives the bundle of notes from the driver was  shocked by his behavior towards her .Seeing Shiva leave her  behind , she decided to teach all those people you have  over powered her a lesson and kept  the bundle of notes at the entrance of office  .Once Parvati reached her  flat , she made dinner for both of them and then finally  managed to make Devika sleep .While Devika was fast asleep she was thinking and trying hard to get back the things that the life has taken away from her .Looking back was not going help her but she had try hard to get help from people who knew her very well .Alas !they all  refused  to help her  .She tried reaching her foes but all her went in vain. Cursing   her fate  ,she lifted her sleeping Devika in her arms and left home by taking car .She started the car and reached the Sea Link where she along her  with daughter had come  to  die as the society never appreciated her for whatever  she was .  While debating  regarding whether   or  not to take the step   of jumping off the bridge with her daughter Devika .Here Shiva who had reached the party with all his thoughts about his unexpected meeting with Parvati running in his mind.

Hey Buddy , what's up Harsh came up while Shiva was thinking about Parvati. Haan ....hey congrats you have successful completed 10 years of marriage,  he said. Thanks yaar I don't  know  how years flew  by it seems like yesterday .While they were busy enjoying the party ,Parvati  who had been to the linking road  bridge in evening jumped off the bridge with the child in order  to end her life hap hazardously. Police  V arrive at venue where the party was going , shooting a bullet on the ceiling V grabbed the attention. "Mrs. Saraswati Desai where is your husband Mr. Harsh Desai ?"Police V said  authoritatively  .Mrs. Desai got too scared and beckoned her husband Harsh. Harsh who was totally engrossed in party ,did not come to meet him instead Shiva came and met him .

Police V giving him sneering looks took him away by announcing the arrest warrant against him which Police V had got fromParvati's grandma. Saraswati  was shocked on hearing this ,she tried to intervene in this matter. But Police V ignored her pleas .In despair Mrs.Saraswati Desai tried to wake up her husband  Mr. Harsh Desai who was in pitch drunk state .But she failed in all her attempts .
On the reaching the police station , Police V showed  bodies of Parvati and her daughter  Devika who had jumped of the linking road bridge. Looking at bodies that  was struggling to get out of pain. Shiva was dumbfound and he couldn't utter any word .Seeing this sight Grand ma shouted  at  Shiva and tells him to leave the place.

'Grand ma this can happen to her as I can't live  without her and her fragrance of love ?' he rhetorically asked her ."Ha ha what you don't know child you are param gyani  person" Granny saying  snapped back at him .

Looking at her and her daughter's body Shiva in a complete shattered voice and with  tears welling in  his eyes said "Dadi she can't leave, she can't do this to me" . How I  can leave without you Paro, he shook her while he was profusely sobbing .I know you are such a 'ZIDDI' person but you have get up for me..........I mean us please get up Jaan. 

Dadi and Police V were astonished to hear these words  and they left him alone with Parvati. Devika slowly got up and searched for her 'Ma'. Ma..... she called her in croaked voice .Suddenly she saw the  same  Man  who didn't appreciate her ,standing next to her mother's body .Instead of shouting at him  , tears of gratitude followed  down her cheeks .Suddenly seeing  Devika he hugged her tightly and shook Parvati to wake her up .But she didn't respond  to his call. After couple of hours  her eyelids moved a little .She tried to move her  hand up but she couldn't do it .Shiva was happy that she was out of coma static state .He immediately called a doctor and Police Vat his residence .When the doctor appeared he was shocked to see her .

Shiva who had keeping quiet all these year suddenly blasted at the doctor  and people around him especially Alta auntie who  his illegitimate  mother .After boycotting  Parvati for so many she had to see her again . OMG! stop it son , she exclaimed. Shiva snorted and announced his marriage to Parvati .On hearing  this everyone starting accusing  her once again  but he had made his decision when he saw the pale Parvati that night and on his way to the party he saw a torn dairy which had all the memories of past, present and future and then and there he decided to find out truth  and then marry her.   so  that no one could accuse her for ruining anybody's life. But  after her taking this strange  it ruined his plan. Phir bhi ,he didn't  give up hopes to find the truth which Parvati was  withholding  .

The truth  was that people around her including him  were jealous of  her achievements   then and so to bring  her they used  tricks and one trick was to play with her emotions which succeed and she was Zero all of sudden  because of that model friend. He only got  know about  this thing which she was  withholding only through  the golden dairy which he found lying outside the party hall. Once when Parvati open eyes , her eyes welled with tears as she didn't want to live life .Searching for her grandma , she went out only to see her entire past standing in front .This reduced her to nothing . She turned around only  to find Shiva  waiting for her with his arms opened . She ran  towards him and hugged him tightly. So that his warmth spreads through her veins. 

Later on she confided every happening in her life .Like from the day when she rejected him till yesterday's meeting in his office .But one thing she couldn't understand why he   was smiling so much at her .

Shiva what's the matter ?please state .Why are you laughing so much as if I have cracked  any joke ?. Hmm she enquired looking into his mischievous  eyes .

'Marry me Parvati ' Shiva said planting a soft kiss on her forehead .Much before Parvati could react or response  he hugged her and said, I have a deal for you .You give love, I will give your happiness  and respectability back with honor. Hearing these words Parvati hugged him back tightly with  Devika looking at them.

18years Later .Parvati the ex beauty has become a legendary actor in today's times  with Shiva's backing up .Devika  their daughter has become a top notch scientist .They all   are living happily even though drama and confusion are  still  being created  by Jealous people like Harsh, Alta auntie and Saraswati. Not only   Parvati had learnt that life is too short to live but also learnt to value life and appreciate other help .She got know about  this  through the  fragrance of  his love  which she got only after marrying him only after marrying Shiva.

I hope you all enjoy reading this short story 

With lots of love and hugs 

Writer Gal :-)

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