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Happiness and Friendship

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Aditya , Samyukta and I were best friend .Samyukta and Aditya used  to live in the same building whereas I used to live far off from their place but lived   in same vicinity .Daily we used to go school in the same bus and come back in same way .But one day the owners  didn't allow me in as they found it  difficult to handle me  because I had slight problem in my leg. Alas! Our friendship broke. Time flew by ......I had a grudge against our Brahma the creator of entire cosmos world.  That I could not make  any good friends only before this defect which in fact cannot noticed .But one day as I wandering about the building, compound  I saw my  building friends Valkaya and Lasya running behind me to throw holi balloons on me .This thing I never expected to happen as none of building were truly my good friends .Everyone in my building  were very upset and jealous as  I become a  near normal girl .This attitude they had developed because they  were all gossip mongers who did not  have any work to do  at home  like my parents did  as they  all had  2-4 servants each  to do all the household chorus .  But my parents never bother about it as they used to mind their own business and avoid these people company  .    In fact they all were 'kaanjoos ' and they   never used to  spend a single paisa  for celebrating any public functions in the building . Slowly slowly all my South Indians left that building  and  settled down somewhere in the eastern suburbs  of  Mumbai. Later on we also  left that building  in which we living there for more 14 years and shifted ourselves in the heart of western suburbs of Mumbai .Coming over here indeed  was  a great decision by my parents as we are  living close to market area. Initially it was very difficult  for us to adjusted here because we not used the noise pollution. Steadily we got used this place which  had several by lanes as our building is located in between four other building  . My travel to college alone by Rickshaw started  from here . I could now many good friends who by the way are not of my age .Phir bhi I made them as my dear friends...

They made me feel special, comfortable which none of my other friends would be able make feel like this. There are various festivals like Ganesh Chathurti, Navaratri and other functions like the Independence and Republic day are celebrated with lots enthusiasm and zeal and they all pull me out to enjoy the precious human life. Here during Navaratri all the women   go to each other's house for Haldi Kum .To see the sight of all the women going out for Haldi Kum   wearing vibrant cloths with a positive look on their face. My heart start jumping in joy and that made thank god for sending me to beautiful location. This building has a beautiful garden were all the kids come here and start chirping like the sparrows but by the evening their chirpiness is gone as the kids go back to their respective homes. This area has a lot of schools and it is pure bliss to see all school students flying together like flock of birds. The kids and oldies in my building have treated me equal and normal. They do not talk anything negative about me .This makes my parents feel happy and contended .They socialise with this crowd as the talk about 'Geeta -The Walk of Life'. Here many recreation activities take place for which my pepper -grey haired friends and I volunteer .It gives a joy to do this kind of work and to see some new talent. Life here is peaceful and contented .As I am able to so many things in life and befriend many kiddies here. They have been apple of my eyes and heart.
Today my situation is such without my friend's Good Morning wishes through SMS or Whatsapp my day does not began. They may be older to me but they always are there for me in my new endeavours. Some of them are quiet like children and some of them are motivating and encouraging sorts.
But those  who  motivated  me I get along with  them easily as they help  me in  my writings ,my blogs ,my short stories. As they have become my muse. Eventually things started to fall in its places and broken pieces of my heart were mended by their smiles and out wittedness. Now I feel complete with these people coming into my life to make my being more meaning fully.
Today I don't have worry about celebrating my birthday or my achievements as my friend are ever ready to join in my happiness without any excuses or attitude .Sometimes their advices becomes a bit too much as they try to infuse their thinking and their lifestyle on me so I keep quiet and ignore it .But they are nice at heart. Some of them have become grandparents and some have got their desires fulfilled by sending their sons or daughters aboard.
Thank you Mr. CSR, Mr. VR, Mr. Krishna, their families and others for making my world a better place. Now being with these people I understood the true meaning of Happiness. Happiness does not come from befriending your age group people but to make friends with   pepper- grey haired people, kiddies and old wise hags. As they taught me "How to live life  by ignoring small problems that god have given to me and the learning how  to face  new challenges  that life throws at you with ease" .Which they do with a Zest.

Thank you for teaching me a great lesson .That there no age of Friendship and Happiness .As Happiness lies within us.

These happening in my life  made me completely forget about the old building ,the attitude of the members residing in that old building  and my broken friendship with Aditya and Samyukta .As I got a new lease of life here and also made me realize that never regret for whatever has happened  in life or for what  life gives you. 'Just be you ' is the mantra which universe has given me.

Special Thanks to Mamma for inspiring me to write an incident from my life to inspire many. As I have been very apprehensive about writing it.

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With lots of Love and Hugs

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  1. Very true, friendship has no age and happiness comes from within.

    1. Yes I truely agree with this fact Suzy which I have come to know now late in my life :-) .But better later than never.:-)

      Hugs <3

  2. What a humble story Ashwini.. that is what I really like about your writing.. your humility.. Keep on writing..:)

    1. Thank you Ina :-) Aww your this statement made me blush a lot .I haven't heard someone saying or commenting about this quality in me. Thank you for your kind words and feedback.

      Hugs <3


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