Friday, 27 March 2015

#SnapYourWeek 13 powered by EloquentArticulation

Photo Source:My camera
This picture I took it while the plane was in mid air .We were travelling from Chennai-Mumbai .This beautiful array of cloud so immediately    I captured the picture using my portable camera    while rest of them were working  on their laptop. Really a mesmerizing  sight to see.  

With lots of Love and Hugs

Writer Gal 


  1. So true and it is so heavenly watching the clouds float by when you are in a plane. I often feel as if I am flying right beside them. It is absolutely mesmerizing. Grt pic! :)

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    1. Yes I completely agree with you on that.It feels like heaven on earth :-) Absolutely mesmerizing and satisfying to move along with them .
      Thanks for dropping in.
      Have a great weekend
      Hugs <3

  2. Replies
    1. Yes:-) .Thanks for dropping in Ajay Pai


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