Friday, 13 March 2015

#SnapYourWeek 11 at Eloquent Articulation

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I found this picture in Google .com while searching for some  good quote which I wanted to send it to my close circle . When I read  these lines I felt we put in practice as it will  make us realize that  small -small happiness  make up a big ocean of happiness These lines are simply amazing .

With Lots of Love and Happiness

Writer Gal


  1. Hi Ashwini, Nice thought! I agree with you. Also do check and list the source of the image and not Google Images. You also need to click your own picture for sharing your week, do try it next time. Thanks for joining me.

    1. Thank you Inderpreet :-) Yes sure I will mention the name of the Website .Ha ha Most of images are not properly taken by me so I am not able to post any of it .But next time I will surely take some interesting picture and post it in the next #snap of the week .
      Hugs <3


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