Friday, 20 March 2015

Unconditional Love Series -Story 1

I am starting a series of Unconditional Love  .I will be posting short stories in this series alternate Friday So keep  your eyes glued on this section ..

Today  my  short story   is about Mel 's   relationship with her mother and how she  feels when her ex-fiance's mother drop in  and  behavior towards them and  her love .

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Mel felt disgusted at the way her mother controlled her life  She prayed a lot to find someone  much  more better than   George her ex fiancé so that she get   rid of her mother's sermons .One Sunday while going for  mass prayer ,her  eyes welled up with tears as she could  not  handle any more  such  sermons from her mother. Mel felt lost as she did not know to react in her current situation. But once she reaches the church, she did not go inside. Instead she straight away went to George's house. So as to knock some sense in him as he had no right to talk ill of her and her family as it was her private matter   and left for home. 

But once Mel reaches home she finds her mother chatting animatedly with George's mother. Mel got so irritated on seeing his mother Suita Auntie who  just had dropped in casually  an she  blasted on her like bomb which forced her mother to throw Mel out of the house and her world .Mel cried a lot and tried to stop her mother from taking such a gave step .  For once Mel Without the slightest inkling recognized that in this world "Everyone is self-centred, it's just the radius that differs" .Once she had to know about bitter fact she didn't turn to see how her felt family. Instead she forward in life. Mel worked hard and progressed in her field passion and because successful. But she had not changed her attitude of sharing things with others. Mel's married arrived at her place without having any appointed to ask her money to help her Suita her ex fiancé mother. But one thing she got that she too self-centred like everyone to her radius differs from person to person.

Ma'am there lady who is telling that she is you mother should I send her? The building watchmen enquired.
Yup please send her in Mel said muttering a curse .When her mother came, she felt so ashamed of herself. Much before Mel's mother could brochure the topic she out her wryness gives her a cheque of Rs 1 lakh and tells her that please inform your dear friend Suita to pay it back with 10% with 2 years' time.

A stunned mother could not believes her ears and her eyes .Finally when she leaves her eyes gets misted  with lot of misery .Once she reached her friend 's place she silently kept the cheque on the table ,where John was sitting and working on his laptop. In this unwelcomed house where people were dam self -centred and selfish as they were only concerned about them she felt sorry for Suita as she did not have a daughter like Mel. While keeping the cheque John hissed at her by saying some poisonous things which hurt her feeling badly. Next day John took Mel's cheque and started crying as he missed his chirpy best friend. He knew that in his house "Everyone is self-centred and it just the   radius that differs ". He thought to himself and decided to win Mel's but how was big question? While he was thinking in these terms. Here Mel sitting in her office was also thinking about soft hearted John who happened to George's younger brother and remembering his killer anecdotes that lifted her spirits up.
But today the reality is that she is all alone in this world without any kind of love even though she had gained a lot of success during the intervening years from the day when she was throwing out of house by her mother till today. Mel thought as she enters her house. She never tried to catch up or speak her to mother for any odd. John too did not show up or try to contact Mel in whatever regard. The clashes of Ego continue like that for years together.
Five years later John and Mel finally accidentally met in one of their friends Christmas party only to surrender themselves to the will of universe

This story I wrote this story for #Togetherness campaign  powdered by you for the same.

Part 2 of story will be posted soon

With lots of Love and Hugs

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  1. Surrender themselves to the will of the universe. That's poetic. I wonder if this really happens.

  2. Thank you Francene :-).Yes it happens only its's about faith .For eg :Yesterday I was thinking of writing something else on the blog but a friend suggested me to write a re modified story on this blog which without his help, I would not have done it .This incident ed happen and it went against all my plans .So I guess it must have been thy will that I spend time writing this story .
    Have a pleasant day .

    Hugs <3


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