Friday, 6 March 2015

Holi----A colorful festival

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Holi is the festival of colors ,
It is the favorite festival of every lover .------------------(1).

Holi reflects are being ,
It's effects are leaving.-------------------(2)

Holi is festive of cheerfulness,
It is festive of blessedness.--------------(3)

Holi is  the festival of children,
Water balloon,pickaris are of the latest brand.------------(4)

Holi is the true festive of love,
People come without any brow.---------------------(5)

Holi is the festive of life,
Enjoy it with the  different moods of your  wife.----------------(6)

Holi is the festival of Romance ,
It gives everyone a chance.-----------------------(7)

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  1. One thing I love about blogging and the Write Tribe is being able to visit blogs written in other countries. I enjoyed learning about your Festival of Colors. It is celebrated in some of the larger cities here in the United State but we do not have enough of a Hindu population where I live. Alana

    1. Yes ;-) I completely agree with you on that blogging gives us a change to meet different blogger of other countries. People working behind the write tribe groups hats of to them for starting such a group that gives platform for us TO interact with each other .OK .By and Large you must be knowing about all the major Indian festivals .Thanks for stopping by .

      Have a great day Alana

      Hugs <3

  2. Holi is truly the festival of colours. It is however one festival where I preferred to watch rather than participate.

    1. Yes very true Suzy .I too prefer watching rather than playing as it is children play, but now -a days many youngsters, Middle-age people do too much showbiz while enjoying holi :-) that irritates me a lot .
      Happy Women Day in advance

      Hugs <3


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