Monday, 16 March 2015

A Ray of Hope -- An Matrimonial hunt

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A Ray of Hope

I am waiting  for a prince charming in my life,
But who knows where my prince charming resides ,
With a  ray of hope my family  is alive .

I wish he drops down quickly from heaven,
But who knows how quickly he turns into a golden hiran,
With a ray of hope  my family is looking for a Devanand .

I wish to desire him ,
But who knows how to win,
With a ray of hope my family is  looking for a tim.

I wish to meet him soon,
But who knows when it will bloom,
With a ray of hope my family is looking for a boon.

This poem I have written forIndiblogger #Togetherness campaign. Thank you Indiblogger this. As we can pen our treasured memories through the campaign.

This poem of mine is  a  tribute to my family and all those parents who with grit and determination are searching for  a perfect soul mate for their children.

With lots of love and happiness

Writer Gal

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