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A child's attitude that changed the man's life

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                                 A child's attitude that changed the man's life 
Mira was sitting down in the park , looking at   the kids playing she wandered here and there aimlessly as she was  waiting for her mother who had gone out .Alas that day she didn't carry her  house key .
Feeling frustrated she kept on calling her mother up teem times .Her mother  gave some excuses that "we are here "or "we nearing the place" .Mira lived  in Swanky building where there were a lot  young married couples having Toddlers and a lot of would be parents .Seeing this sight  she felt happy a little  but she always yearned for a friend .That day she saw a man smiling at her .She too smiled at him. Later on feeling  disgusted  waiting for her for parents  near flat . She went downstairs and sat in garden .It was around 7pm were the skies had become dark. Then when light in the park  was switched on by the night duty watch men .She saw the same  man   who might be in his late 30s playing cricket with all tiny toddlers .It was so beautiful to see sight as tiny tots played with plastic bats making other smile .

Man: What  is so funny about me?.

Little Aryan: Nothing play no ...... he says irritated .

Man: Accha , then are you making faces at me?

Little Aryan :Accha Woh that's because you are the first person from this entire building to play with us especially me.

Man: Why? so.
          Little Aryan: I am good boy na and  also I help Mira aunty no .
Man: Stunned  by his answer .What do you mean by that?Little Aryan: Arre Uncle  just look at me ,my family is a bit traditional  with modern values  and always my parents told to speak the truth .But one day when I was playing that blunders group. They were tell lies about Ayesha so I tried to defeat her stand point but Alas I was removed from the group and other groups  like the Power puff of angels and he-man headed by Mahayana and Sid did not accept me as  they felt that I spoil everybody's  secret . Bas !because of this bloody good nature. I don't have any friends here .But now I am quiet busy with  a lot of activities which my parents  put me in .

Man: Hearing  these words  from the little Aryan is dumbfound .As  Aryan  throws his bat off on the ground and runs  towards Mira who was sitting on the bench of the park to hug and talk to her .
This  is file  conversation  between  the man who smiled at Mira and the Little Aryan who was about 5years old then. This conversation took place nearly about 3 years. Today he is  happily married to Mira .He with toddler daughter look upon him with gratefulness .As  he understood true meaning of  what a life   mean through a tiny toddler .From that day he never  looked  down upon  anyone and didn't speak ill of others even he was superior and sharp and always marveled at the child attitude. 

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