Thursday, 5 March 2015

A Big Thank you to All

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Dear All,
Today after several months of  hard efforts both  my article  'The Disappointment' A dauther tryst to change    has finally  been published by writerezine and Sniffers e-magazine .Thank you Namarata  and Sniffers teams for the same   .I can't believe my eyes when I see my  name imprint with my articles that have been  published    . This is the surprise sweet shock give my by this life  .I don't know how to thank each and every person in my circle .As you all mean a lot a me .Even if we might have not known each other very closely .But we  can feel the closeness very well.

Thank you

  • My late Grand ma: for being there as anchor in all the 22 years of life.Miss You..I know that you might the be the happiest person upstairs when you watching the world appreciate my hard efforts ;-)making you proud of your upbringing .
  • My family who are  like jalebi ,sometimes Kattha and sometimes Meetha.You all are the greatest and funny pillar of support .
  • ABig Thank you   to all my Close Friends ,Relatives , My Blogger Friends, Writer pals  like Sid Balachandran ,Deep Downer ,Ina Tales ,Sonia Rao, Neel Ina , Aarti V Raman ,Sundari Venkatraman ,Devika Fernando , Author Varun Prabhu, Aahana Mukerjee,    and others.... the list is endless . 
  • Heartfelt Thanks to Dr Krishna Ayyer and Dr G.K.Kalkoti Sir  for being source of encouragement and motivation to do something different .
  • Very Very Special and Heartfelt Thanks to the Supreme power for giving the strength to face challenging and deadlines with ease and my body for cooperating with me during my hardships(My giving heartfelt thanks to  my body because I am  affected by slight spastic on right  hand side) It  often mocks me that I am totally a unique piece :-) . But I don't often project it as I am quiet a normal ,independent person.
This my way of Thanks Giving to all those people who have helped me to grow up in life .This achievement wouldn't have been possible without   y'all encouragement and prompted me to  make an effort  .But this efforts has really yielded results .

Once again Thank you Y'all for being there in my life .

Here are the lines  to my articles  in  respective magazines 

I hope you enjoy reading these article 

With lot of Love and Hugs 

Writer Gal :-)


  1. It is awesome to see your work in print, isn't it! Congrats to you and all the people who supported you and helped you towards your success. Hard work rewarded! Alana

    1. Yes Alana:-) It is awesome feeling to see your hard work yielding results .Thanks a lot for your kind words.Have a great day ahead

      Hugs <3

  2. What wonderful, heartfelt, gratitude. I particularly like your praise for your grandmother, for the supreme power, and for your body.

  3. Firstly I would like Thank you for your kind words Francene .Yes :-) .I praise them all because they very well cooperated with me .Though my grand mum is no more in this world but her anecdotes which she often used quote still rings my ears :-).This is the smallest and cutest way of thanking her for being there in my life . She was a determined women who used to read and narrate a lot of stories to the person who listened to her stories . Miss her a lot .

    Have a nice day

    Hugs <3


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