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   Rare incidents that change my life 

This incident happen in late 90s when I was a school student  .Those were the days where there were  a lot strict Rules and Regulations in school like reach on time to school otherwise we would be  send you back home and  other etc.... rules and regulations.But it was fun days.All classmates and school mates were  great friends with each other .There was no biased city.But one day things changed in school as a schoolmate had got boyfriend.It was a shock for the entire   school .This news spread like wildfire.I used to wonder what on the earth they found interesting in each other company  as  they looked like jokers for me and they not that interesting at all .As I was studious and career- oriented student .I felt there is time for each and everything .But people those days termed it as 'multi-tasking'.Sometimes these kinds off Multitasking gave negative results.Though she was a scholar but  because of her Multitasking attitude  she got less marks . 

Today after so many years  I saw her  working in small school as a teacher .But if she had then concentrated in her studies , she would have achieved great  height today.

Lesson Learnt by me

This incident /story was a turning point in my life.Because
  1. I used never feel grateful about things that didn't  happen.
  2. Now I realize that everything has a great importance especially time and stage of life as these taught me patience which is great component for success. 
  3. I am happy that my life is shaping for good and for better .
  4. As Today ,I am independent girl, an wannabe writer, blogger and a great story teller and who has a great support system ie family  .

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