Sunday, 22 March 2015

#Snap your week 12 @ Eloquent Articulation

Photo Source :My mobile camera
This photo was taken by me in the month of February   and before the valentine's day.This bird  often comes and sits  on window sill of our for about few minutes.But last month this  bird used come daily and sit on our window sill  for hours together .This bird has a sweet voice like humming bird.It could be considered as 'nightingale'of building .I took this through the closed  window sill as I did not distract that sweet bird which was sings songs for me everyday in that month.It was a beautiful sight to see

With lots of love and hugs

Writer Gal


  1. Such a beautiful picture, more so since the bird can fly away.
    The song is so melodious of birds.
    Hope you enjoy it.
    Thanks for the picture.

  2. Thank you Inderpreet for your kind words.Yes very true the song of birds are quiet melodies.I get to hear them daily as my building is just opposite of the garden.Early morning I wake up hearing their melodies voices. Thoroughly enjoy it .Oh pleasure is all mine .Thanks once again for starting Snap your week as I am able share some good picture with you .
    Have a great day!

  3. Lucky you !! So looks like you are a nature lover , more so because you admire the simplicity of a birdie.

    1. Thank you Ajay Pai :-). Absolutely correct! .Love seeing the birdies and the sight of their togetherness. It fills my heart with lots of happiness as they teach us the lessons of simplicity and nobility .

  4. Love the story behind your picture. Bird obviously senses you are a nature lover.

    1. Thank you Suzy .I think so because this bird is of a extraordinary breed which has power of the sixth sense so it recognizes the person liking .
      Have A Pleasant Day
      Hugs <3


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