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Wordy Wednesday #8 at B-A-R

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Mira a chirpy bubble girl was often found at fault by her parents especially her mother Riva. Riva was a socialite until she got married Mira's  father .She was the step mother of Mira .Mira 's father gave all the property in her hands and with a pained heart ,he told  her leave the house forever. So as he could maintain peace in family .After coming know about Mira's leaving Riva was excited  that she will be  this boss  of this entire palace and she insisted him on  bringing  her kids here. Alas! Her happiness were short lived as Mira's father sold this place and shifted himself to a two floored apartment. Riva tried to question Mira's father about this decision .But he choose to remain silent .Only to make her realize that how painful was the shadow of silence which she had created  between him and his daughter Mira .But Riva did not realize until his death. Today after 10 years she yearns for love but she herself is in the Shadow of Silence , for which she had sown the seeds .

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  1. So true that we reap what we sow. This is the rule of karma - cause and effect - what goes around, comes around.

    1. Yes I completely agree with you on that part as every action has equal and opposite reaction .
      Have a great day Suzy

      Hugs <3


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