Wednesday, 11 February 2015

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My eyes went on this photo while searching for something related to valentine 's day as V Day is fast approaching. I first  tried to ignore it  by closing the screen .But Alas no luck as my heart couldn't accept it and forced me to open the screen once again to  have a look at the pic . This picture is of heart .This shape is formed by using  match sticks which is quiet difficult to do .But who ever has done it hats off to the person .To get this form properly it requires   patience and perseverance .I have fallen in love this picture  , what about you?.

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With Lots of Love and Hugs
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  1. Wow! Matchsticks?

    I would not have known if you would not have spilled the beans, Ash :)
    I thought it to be some beads over a silk layer :(

    Thanks for linking up, and a happy V day to you!

    1. Yes :-) .When I just took a look at picture ,my mind went to starters that are served in the wedding receptions. It looked like them when I took a first glance of photo . Then later on I realize it is not that but something else ,you see how pictures if not studied properly could be misunderstood easily.
      My pleasure and Happy V day in advance .

      Hugs <3

  2. indeed a lovely click and also the combustible powder is so RED just like the heart is usually shown.. with sticks actually showing a GLOW coming out .. lovely pic


    1. Yes:-) .Thank you Bikram for your Kind words .
      Happy Valentine Day's in advance :-)


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