Friday, 23 January 2015

An Appreciation From a Blogger To a counsellor ,all Writers and my mum

Hi Y'all
Good AfterNoon

Just before I sign off  the blog .
I wish to Appreciate 3 most important people in my life  who have influenced me do something constructive in life with whatever sources available.

A Counselor--- A counselor is helpline for all of us in different aspects like Finding a right  Career, Suitable Right Jobs,Helping you find a proper match for your life and etc......stuff .One day through the dark skies I could see a ray of hope which a counselor had brought . He just said 2 thing

1. Do  what  you want can and whatever you like 
2. Don't Worry what other will say

These two statement forced me to start a blog and writing short stories for different magazines  online as well offline

Today I feel like my world has change for good

To all the Writer's: I often  thought that all the those who hold  a literature degree can only  write and become a  published author .But Lo -- Oh  when I  entered into the world of books .I saw an ocean of author's who have written in different genres and came from different background .I felt so dumb  about my wrong notions .So I started reading books authored by Sudha Murthy,Narayan Murthy ,Reet Singh  ,Kamala Subramanian ,Ruskin Bond etc..... other books.I was so impressive by their style of writing and inspired by their  thoughts , I started to write short stories and started sending it to different magazine which my family subscribes and started submitting it to different online website where contest used take place .
THANK YOU ALL THE WRITER'S , BLOGGER'S AND AUTHOR FOR GIVING ME THE INSPIRATION AND MOTIVATION TO WRITE especially Sid Balachandran,Rubina Ramesh ,Sundari Venkatraman,Sonia Rao and others .The list is endless.Your works speaks volumes 

ASpecial THANK YOU to RUBINA RAMESH for starting THE BOOK  CLUB so that writting aspirant like me can get a change to write ,write and write to their hearts content as pen is mightier than sword

My Mum: Mom's are always your best buddy in the world  but they are relatively an argumentative and advising buddy.Sometimes they become too much to handle .
My mom is one such  sought , she  keeps on recommending things to me which becomes boring for me at some point of time  .But sometimes these things bring about the ideas for short stories which Iwrite .Thank you Mum for being like this as because of your this very nature .I get to write  short stories that come to my mind after have a daily dose of your Gyaan with you
Love you

Disclaimer :These are not only people who inspired me but there our others too but their role are too short .
My Mum is very great and sweet mom at heart ,even though we have countless amount of arguments but that is way a relationship grows and  bond of love is strengthened.

With Lots love and Hugs 

Writer Gal


  1. Aww! thank you so much for the mention. And I'm glad my writing has a positive influence in your life :) Keep writing, Ashwini.

  2. Ha Ha It is my pleasure :-) Actually It is rare to find a good blog to read with great mixture and substance.Yes I will write to my best of ability . . I hope my future work will be enjoyed by you all
    It is my great pleasure and fortune to have a buddy like you (A really good online buddy ) Sid .Thank you


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