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The Internal Conflicts

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This topic might interest you because I was  myself observing these  conflicts  within and how I did fight back I will tell you all in this post

 So Let us  start with it  

Internal Conflicts are abstract that which can't be seen  but felt .....................  There are three internal conflicts .
  •  Intellectual conflict 
    • Emotional conflict
    • Physical Conflict 
    Intellectual Conflict : 

     This is toughest conflict to  come over /to have control over as  it is this conflict which maketh a man or destroy him  completely .As it is the man  who will  face the positive and negative consequences .But often what happen is that instead of thinking in a situation    he uses his impulsive thinking that is the mind which often gives us wrong information/signal  even if his  heart say its OK go ahead..... and then he does what his mind says that lands in soup as our mind is a monkey .So First we should control our mind  how to control it people will  question  .It  is by way of MM ie Mediation or Mantra chanting  that will control your mind to get clear picture of what is good /bad for us 
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    Remedies of Intellectual Conflict :
    • Make  proper relationship with elders and older of the family 
    • Listen to what others say 
    • Discuss your problem with others  in regards of decision making.
    • Take efforts to control Intellectual  conflicts  in the methods of your choice
    • Stick to method of  your choice  to get best results
    • Don't force yourself  to concentrate properly while doing mediation as you might feel the pressure of unwanted thoughts that hammer your  head 

    B. Emotional Conflicts :

    This conflict is based on emotions .There are various kinds of emotions a. happy emotions and b. Sad emotions .Both of these are quiet conflicting as both give joy as sorrow in an instant .But it  is up to us how to deal with it .
    Happy Emotions  includes
    • Happy 
    • Joyous
    • Awesome
    • Love  etc.... emotions 
    Where as Sad Emotions include 

    • Anger
    • Frustration
    • Sad
    • Annoyed  and etc..... emotion
    Often Man is faced  with a lot off challenged  that make  him feel annoyed , frustrated and  sad  with what life is giving him  and to hid his Sad emotions  he always wears a mask of happy emotions which is good for him as well others in society but ............. Sometimes when Sad Emotions are too much for him to handle he removes the mask of Happy emotions and does thing that which is not correct  for him and society.

    Remedies  to Over come Emotional Conflict

    • .Be happy 
    • Don't feel sorry and guilty for your past actions and improve from your mistakes 
    • Be Thankful
    • Be Forgiving 
    • Be grateful to lord and live life
    •  Surround to thy will of lord 
    • Be loving and kindle your Spiritual spark that which is there in all human being
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    C. Physical Conflicts : 

    These Conflicts are based one's capacity like in terms of Money , Ability and Individual Capacity .Man is social animal we all know this fact  but we don't know the one most important fact that he is quiet selfish and greedy animal .Whatever others have the man wants that plus some more as it would hurt his ego and would feel below dignity if he doesn't has it .Because of his greedy nature he always falls in soup because he doesn't have Ability or Understanding  for the things
    If he would understand about his abilities there would no physical conflicts but Alas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it hasn't happened 

    Remedies to Over come Physical Conflicts
    • Be contented with whatever you have 
    • Be aware of Physical limitations
    • Be calm
    • Be happy and let go off your jealousy which you have in other regard
    • Don't do things that which harm you and affect your health 
    • Be cheerful
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    This are my views and my perception regarding Internal Conflicts that my or may be you all so the Things which I have told you this may not be appealing to you all 

    Just Enjoy the post 

    Happy Reading 

    With lots of love and hugs

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