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Normally we all forget our teachers and professors over these years  but because of them taking efforts we are here which we often forget  as without them we would be  Zero in every sense .Though our parents gave us birth but it is our teacher who molded  us and gave us shape to our lives with the help of Parents of course.

We often thank our parents for everything that they have given to us and forget teachers efforts in helping us to reach the desired goals.
 We have forgotten to give them their due  Guru-Dakshina .Those days the Acharyas in the Ashram used ask for their Guru-Dakshina as soon as their student graduate but today they don't ask us because they themselves know  that 'THEIR STUDENTS ARE GOING TO  FORGET  WHILE CHASING THEIR DREAMS'. It is our prime duty to thank them for whatever they given even though you might have not like them but they have imparted their knowledge by standing there for hours together .Which is not possible for us

So we should show our gratitude to them .Today this idea come across my  mind because my Mum always told me to  be grateful to the people who helped me in becoming something in my life today . So  ....To begin with I would like  to Thank my Mum for giving me such an wonderful idea of writing a letter to the professor who taught me .And it my way of giving him my Guru- Dakshina

                 Sneak Peak of Letter which I had written to him

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Dear  Sir

Hello , How are you ?Hope you are in pink of good health .Here I am fine going Good . Happy New Year to you and your family sir

Sir Thank You for the confidence that  you had in  me that I will  do the thing which I am capable off. Even though you taught me for one year that was enough for me to  make me feel comfortable around you as you were quiet approachable which I couldn’t find in any of the  Other  professors .

I can’t forget you  because were you  the first person  to think I am  normal fit girl even though I have a slight problem in my leg that ‘s what I like in you Sir. As You think alike .

Sir Without  you teaching me computers I wouldn’t have become Teach-Savvy like I am now .Those days much before you came into my life as computer professor . I was afraid of using computer (in the sense that) If anything would go  wrong with the computer  by -mistake of  my  clicking  wrong button  I used get scared and worried that used take hell out of my life.

But Today I have become computer friendly ,as I  write blogs, write reviews ,enter short stories contest which wasn’t possible without  your and help .I will ever be indebted to you  .

Thanks for being there in my life as confident computer professor and as guide in my life. If you   weren’t there guiding me and others students I don’t  know were we be standing in life in today’s competitive world but then you gave me and other students the confidence to face challenges in our lives and because of this today I am in position to fight back all challenges that life gives me smiling . As you treated me like a family so …… Whatever Advise you gave me I am trying to put it in practice  like You told me teaching in school would be  quiet difficult for me instead take up tuition but Alas!! I could not become a teacher but I become  tutor  for short while  my tuition class didn't work up to the mark even though I am hold a Teacher's Training Course  Degree,then later I join a small company as assistant cum receptionist but I started getting board with the job  .Only then one day I   was reminded of your encouraging words " Keep on Trying' and  I started to  WRITE, WRITE  AND STILL I AM WRITING     but one day I will become a great writer this is my firm conviction in myself  so pls bless me that I should succeed in this field and make you and family proud

Thank you sir for everything that you have give me .But I have only one regret that Our Arts Department weren’t give any proper class but still I am happy that I belong to a college were ‘Vidhya’ was give more important than other things  I got very good ,loving professors who taught me, who made me feel at home whenever  I feared of asking questions in front of others.

Vidya Sury Collecting Smiles

Disclaimer :This is my felt letter to him but that does not mean I had hard feeling for other teachers . They were good in their own

With Lots of love and hugs

Ashwini (JeyaRadha)

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