Friday, 16 January 2015

Kids -------- The Evergreen delight

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KIDS—- The Evergreen Delight


Kids are Joy to live with,

They aren’t a toy to play with ————-(1)

Kids are like  bushes and shrubs

They  should be handled with care ———————-(2)

Kids are like dewdrops on leaves

Which are as fresh and sipper like eel —————–(3)

Kids are like lotus flower that blossom early in morning .

To get that its very difficult catch hold of  —————-(4)

Kids are angels on this planet

Don’t destroy them much before they enter the world———————-(5)

Kids are like Tender Sampling

Which should be tended properly———————————-(6)

Kids are like rain drops from the sky

They are enjoyed by all alike——————-(7)

Kids are like sparrows chirping on the branch of tree

Their  sound soothing are to the ears—————-(8)

Kids are  the pride of their parents

As they make them come alive————–(9)

Without Kids the world become parched

As there  would be no life and world would end without  quenching its thirst ————————(10)

I hope you all would enjoy   my poem .This is my first attempt of  writing a poem  so if there are small errors please forgive me .

With lots of hugs
Writer Gal


  1. Nicely done! Thanks for sharing!

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    2. Its my pleasure.Thank you Laurel for stopping by . :-) I am fortunate to met you . I like your blog ,very expressive <3


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