Sunday, 25 January 2015

#Saturday Writing Prompt Powered by Write

                                        #Saturday Writing Prompt#

                         My Writing Resolution 

Is that I should be able to write ,write and write stories to become a great writer and it is my firm conviction that when you have a passion something  .You have to do it full devotion like when we stand in front of lord with closed eyes with all our energy focused we ask  him to give us something explicit to our needs and requirements with earnest otherwise it is of no use  .

Another resolutions is that I should be able write  short stories on my  blog with great drive and enthusiasm every day so that I reach target of writing 50 stories this year 

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PS: Oh My god!! Write Tribe .com What a prompt ,your this prompt got me thinking .Even though it is a difficult topic to write .I think that I could manage to write within limited for person like me you has habit of writing pages after pages

With Lots of Love and Hugs

Writer Gal

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