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I thought I saw him/her standing there……..

#Wednesday Writing Prompt # I thought I saw him or her standing there...........  @  Writer Tribe

Trisha looked around the bus stop she thought she saw  the rowdy Darshan trying irritate the public .It made  her wondered why he did so.....According to some people standing on the bus stop   "Darshan started behaving like this as he was ill-treated   by the whole lot of professors of this college by not giving him proper marks and finally one day they failed him as they wanted remove him from the college to give a seat to a politician son who hasn't got good grades in his exams  as he gave huge donations to college in return for the seat in this college  .It irritated him a lot and  he finally become a rowdy whose only motto in life  was irritate to studious students  so that  they wouldn't suffer like him " On hearing  this it pained her heart as she  felt bad for him as she could do anything about it as she herself was a politician daughter but she was determined to change things for good and left the place forever .In order to show her father and the world that she treats each  every person with equality disregard of caste and status .
This step of her brought a down fall to her father's Vikram Singh government as she had opening exposed her father's misdeed and thanked Darshan who she thought she saw him in the college bus stop that day .If he hadn't come then that  day she wouldn't have come  to know HER FATHER'S OUTLOOK TOWARDS THE SOCIETY .It created Disturbances in her heart and decided no sooner or later .She will expose some other misdeeds which her dad had done  but how was big question as she couldn't gather any public  for her support in her venture .
While thinking on these line on  her way back home a  strange thing happened a saffron clothed 'baba 'stopped in front of car and started shouting "Your father along with his close aid are waiting to murder you  so please beware of his false promises that he will make" He repeated this 3 times and disappeared in the jungle nearby .Trisha couldn't comprehend anything from what he said but she needed to be more careful .Getting  inside her car she looked at the rare view were  she could she  saw her driver Haldi ram  sweating  profusely .
Looking out she asked Haldi Ram "Kaka  Kya hua kyun itna pasina choota raha hai koi tension hai kya, Aapp bhi Mere Maout ka intezaar kar rahe ho na..... "
'Hmm umm nahi madam Mein toh....... 'he stammered unable to complete the statement
'Lo Ghar aagaya ' she said smiling at Haldi ram as he got of car
Looking at her surrounding she felt sad as she had few days of her live remaining in actually as she was going to be the  'Target' of her father party .Being born in political family has its own positivity and negativities  as in she could have enjoy all the luxuries of life if she had agreed with her on joining politics  but no she didn't do that so she stage of 'Ya  toh Karoo Ya fir Maro ' she thought wearily .While entering the house she saw her father who was having food prepared by her mother loving for him .The way he was behaving it did seemed like one of scene from recent movies which he had watched when she had gone out with her friends. She didn't like him behaving like a villain to the entire world so without saying a word she went inside her study room only to her somebody taking in  whispers. " Janu tu kab tak aaooge" these kind of mushy stuff was heard .First time she ignored  she thought it must Veer bhai and his girlfriend doing these mushy stuff   but then after few minutes she heard  somebody's footsteps it was past twelve she wondered who must have come in .Switching on light she ran downstairs to see her daam father Vikram Singh hugging his secretary Savita tightly into a warm embrace .Taking a knife in her hand and calling the media representative to come over her place Within minutes media representative arrived and took the pictures for her father 's and his  secretary's Karanama .Next Day while doing out for walk her father saw the posters with "Hay Hay Vikram Singh Hay Hay "slogans below it
'Trisha What's this all ?'he mocked at her
'Nothing much I trying make to people aware  of your true color and image' she coolly said
Oh! I see , day and night I do hard work by keeping all the institution neat and clean in every sense and you......he exclaimed abruptly
"Grunting at her father's words she asked him in what way may I know....In a way by throwing good student out of institution and allowing less average in your so called reputed institution , ha ha what sorted of person you are Mr.Vikram Singh "Hey Bhagavan please protect me from this demon looking at through the window sill she exclaimed .
Fuming at her words he threw a  pointed steel plate on her which hurtled her badly and it shocked everyone profusely. Giving a sneering look t his wife he left for  party office ,though  Veer was not a very expressive brother he quietly came near her and sat down next .Through his teary eyes he spoke and bandaged her wound .Looking at him through the spectacles her eyes lost she found her answers in her brother's eyes and hugged him tightly .Seeing this scene her mother Niharika eyes misted in delight as her hopes for future raise  .
After a few days she decided to join politics even though it was against her will  .She called her secretary Mrs. Desai to fix an appointment with Mr. Verma to discuss the guidelines and which portfolio are  best  while joining the cabinet. While waiting for him she wondered how will that guy look now .Sensing her feeling her brother Veer removed a piece of paper from his wallet and brought it in front of her
'What is this bhai?'Trisha enquired by arching her eye brows
"Idiot this is the photo of the  same guy who turned rowdy Trisha" Veer commented
"Hmm why are showing this photo to me bhai" she asked tensely
"Just to inform you that because of him you are going  to join politics "he said tersely

Mr .Verma appeared while they were talking to each other. Oh! Mr. Verma you have come....Welcome welcome please have a seat ."Tell me what can do for you Ma'am "Mr. Verma said smiling at the thought of new modern India and Education System. 'Nothing much ,I wanted to know how will be my joining the cabinet now have an effect on parliament' she asked jokingly
'Ha Ha nothing much but no sooner or later they will see a royal change in the field of education' he said .The campaign began with a boost .Hearing this news her father Vikram Singh  was dumbfound and started counter planes along with his secretary but all his plans were failing as he had become popular among the country  people which he didn't like and was forcing her to get hitched .But until his controlled anger was let out on her and he grabbed her hair and dragged  her down .Seeing this sight for the lady being treated like this even though she was his daughter  he had no right to humiliate her or see her getting assaulted in front of the media and other .Darshan switched off the TV and ran down the street to protect her .Before she was thrown out by her father and others in her family ."Darshan who grab hold of his hand  with one his hand and kicked the other fellow who was about to touch her body with his legs and while with his free hand he was punching and kicking  goonda's "she thought that she saw him as her rescuer in this situations .Taking her away from her world to his world was satisfying job even though she they were strangers who didn't know each other  .

Though they belong to different backgrounds  their hearts yearning , feelings were the  same .She tried hard to bring about the change in society  but it wasn't possible because she was women and people like her father , brother and her sister-in - law  could see her progress and because of they were jealous of her  that made them take such a cheap step. For which they aren't going to get forgiveness from him.
Being by her side made him feel more protect for Trisha .He decided he would marry Trisha and go away to London for sometime only to return back with vigor, by the time he had plotted the plan he saw Trisha waking up with sudden cry and muttered 'No more no more I want to go somewhere ,somewhere she said gripping his shoulders ' Doctors who had given her injected were really worried as she wasn't used to these sedatives and her health diminished with time.
Darshan tried to wake her up and speak to her but Alas! it was  of no use as she didn't respond ,then finally one doctor suggested that we should wait till tomorrow if condition persisted then only we have serious check in this matter.  So let's see ...yes they all said in unison and went .
But only  doctor Vishay while leaving turned towards and said "Take the angel somewhere , where she treated well as her case is the worst than yours understood kya Darshan"
'Yes doctor' Darshan tensely said
With a  'QUERY' waiting on his lips ...Doctor looking at him answered his question without he   actually asking ..."Darshan you know that she was the first to women admire you .That day after you terrible irritated the studies student with your rowdiness trying to make them understand what does this so called reputed college is meant for .She understood you and tried hard to persuade her father in this regard but she wasn't successful then .But after her finishing her studies she decided to join politics which was against her will . After winning  the election which was due to proper campaigning she tried to bring up a rule of equality in all the educational institution  which didn't succeed before of all the jealous cats  especially her SIL you see .Not only that but also  because people in her father's Dal supported her and went to her Dal it hurt his ego so to get in terms (political)  are you  listening  child the doctor interrupted him ,Yes listening "Darshan said getting up to make coffee for them .
'Then what happened doctor' ? he questioned doctor
' their plan after plan failed they used this trick to get rid of her from  their lives '.Doctor Vishay abruptly said
'How cruel can be our lives? 'Darshan wondered while having his coffee
'Nice Coffee haan , Darshan Iam happy that she is backing from politics for now as it was not her cup of tea 'Doctor Vishay said

Meanwhile media had  given  Vikram Singh the local MLA clean chit and once again he became god father's image in front of all .All thanks to his secretary who was master of word .Darshan saw this news on TV as  he was just about to sleep .He heard a soft 'Thank' in whispers. Though they were strangers  she felt like he hugged her   to protect her and make this world the kind of  paradise which she  also wanted.

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